My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


5. Acting wierd

I went to the back and thought, why is Harry acting like this its so weird but I like it :)" and also I was thinking " doesnt he remember he has a girlfriend????" I finally got their food and gave it to them, they told me to stay and chat but u told them I couldnt and I'll talk to them when my shift is over. I asked Sam when my shift was over,. She said in about 30 min. I frowned. 
" you already hate working, you just started"?
" no it something else, I'm just confused about something"
"wanna –" she started
" no it's okay, hey can you take the next customer I need to use the restroom?" I asked 
" sure, if u need to talk I'm here k" that'd what i love about Sam she was one of the Best person in the world, "k" I said and started walking to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and just thought about what was happening and what I should do, should I go with it for me, or should I stop and protect my moms heart? I mean like my mom was so much older than Harry wile I'm the same age. I went out of the bathroom and helped the next customer and I felt some one staring at me, I looked at the boys table and so I would have a reason to look there I asked, "hey are you guys okay do you need anything" it turns out Harry was looking at me, Niall wanted another drink so I went to the back and I felt some one fallowing me, I turned around I saw Harry , what did he want now?!" can I help you Harry?" I asked looking at him.
" ya wheres the men's room?" he asked I looked at him like really
"I thought you came here everyday and you don't know where the men's room is?" woah did I really do that I never say anything mean, well that wasn't really mean I guess.
"ya I know I just never go to the bathroom when I come here, anyway can you show me there?" I sighed "sure" he fallows me and I think he was staring at me bum, wtf Harry I thought. He hugged me and whispered something as he entered the men's room. I just stared blankly. And left to get Nialls drink. I looked at my clock I had 15 min. I was getting nervous and i thought about what I was going to do. I was so confused, I know I sound like a really mean person but I mean it's Harry styles!
***15 min later***
I toke my apron off and put everything back at the counter and I took out my phone. My mom didn't text me, that's weird...
A/N heyy my kittens so I'm adding another chapter hopefully tonight if not then in the morning love you guys oh and I need someone to be Niall's girl friend so text me cuz I don't know the pass word to my email anyway my phone number is 516-749-0247 tell me your name and about yourself the winner will be posted eather tomorrow night or Monday bye love yass
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