Project z

The story of a young 15 year old boy
called Alex Roberts
and a young 5 year old girl called Lilly Evans.
Their trapped in a world of the undead fighting to survive when things start to look up everything gets took away from them.
Warning poor grammer .


4. welcome to the land of the dead

I knew what was coming i had to get out of here quick i couldnt fight them all i climbed up a ladder leading to a platform covering quater the warehouse their were someboxes in the corner and some crates dotted around. I heard some rustling near one of the boxes i went to investigate my heart was beating faster then ever before i had no idea what it could be a zombie a animal suddenly a little girl apperd from behind the boxes it made me jump she said "im sorry if i scared you but we need to get out of here" "you know how to get out" i said she nodded with a smug smile on her face "how" i asked "on the roof theirs a ladder we can use to get down but the only problem is getting up there thats why im still here" she said  i looked at the crates and figured we could pile them up but it would take a while.asked her for her name "lily,lilly richards" she said "thats a beutiful name" i said her cheeks went red and she smilled i told her "we need to set up a camp here" she nodded and grabbed her bag from behind the crates. Ten minutes later Lilly came running to me and said "their are some army men with guns outside" my first thought was savours my second thought was the realty of the new world survile of the fittest. 

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