Project z

The story of a young 15 year old boy
called Alex Roberts
and a young 5 year old girl called Lilly Evans.
Their trapped in a world of the undead fighting to survive when things start to look up everything gets took away from them.
Warning poor grammer .


1. The war has just begun

When the world goes to hell, who can you call, the police are dead the armys scared and civilisation colapses.It all started in sector six, they didnt even try to stop it they hid like the cowards they are.We had to fight for ourselves when the the "Project z" virus got out no one knew what to do, no one extept the 7 leaders, i was one of them we were the elite swat our mission was to extract, if they were alive that is.They took everything away from me and now im here running from zombies for my life .Suicide was not an option i tried but i couldent do it because if i was gone who would protect lilly. Withen days rumors of cure were spread i knew a cure wouldent work how i see it we as good as dead well i guess i should tell what happend every tale has a start and this is the tale of Alex Roberts.

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