Project z

The story of a young 15 year old boy
called Alex Roberts
and a young 5 year old girl called Lilly Evans.
Their trapped in a world of the undead fighting to survive when things start to look up everything gets took away from them.
Warning poor grammer .


5. the men that saved my life

I also had too think of the advantages of starting or joining a group after 10 minutes of thinking i decide to shout for help from them so "help! please help me!" i said, i heard them say "we got a live one" their were 5 of them, they rushed in killing all the walkers with no mercy they shouted "you here" "yes up here i have a young girl up here aswell" they rushed up and told us they had a soceity in redditch so we got out of the warehouse and they got us in the jeep.

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