Project z

The story of a young 15 year old boy
called Alex Roberts
and a young 5 year old girl called Lilly Evans.
Their trapped in a world of the undead fighting to survive when things start to look up everything gets took away from them.
Warning poor grammer .


2. the happening

I was at school when it all happend in the corrider being told off the suddenly the bell rang and teachers ran down corridors shouting "emergency everyone to the hall" i ran to hall through crowds of students when i got to the hall the principle was their and police were all around we were shaking in fear but then we noticed the teachers and police were to the principle went to the side of the and a police officer steped forward he had short black hair and small beard he shouted "we regret to inform you that a diesese has broke out and you will not be going hope tonight the danger of desise has not yet been relesed to the public but is possible the worst disese recorded in history" we were all silent not daring to even whisper a word we got up and left to our classrooms i went to my m8 and asked him if he knew what it was then he got out his phone and looked online about five minuites later he said to me the dead are walking when we went out into the corridor we saw that teachers had barricaded the doors and windows we suddenly heard deathly shreck we looked out the window to see what its was and we had played the games seen the movies they were zombies we ran into the classroom and told everyone what was going on.


We were at that school for three weeks not allowed to leave then people  started talking of an escape happening i am sad to tell you those rumors were not just rumors later that day the teachers gave us wepons after understanding how dangerous this actualy was we were running low on suplies so the teacher made a small squad and took down one of the barricades the kids who were planning to escape rushed through the door their biggest mistake zombie flowed in eat everything in their path one looked at me and i ran i ran as fast as i could when i turned around they were still there chasing me and i fell to floor and blacked out...

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