Project z

The story of a young 15 year old boy
called Alex Roberts
and a young 5 year old girl called Lilly Evans.
Their trapped in a world of the undead fighting to survive when things start to look up everything gets took away from them.
Warning poor grammer .


3. My guardien angle

I looked up to see a dark hooded figure with a sycth in their hand they looked down at me and i noticed she was a girl she looked young too "get up" she said stuggled to get up but i managed i looked around there must have been at least 50 dead zombies there was blood driping from her pale face  "just around the corner there a warehouse i can take you there to hide out" she said "thank you" i replyed. We left after five minutes of her explaing that she rushed in when she sure the school was under atack aprantly zombies dont go after her she said i was the only one alive .When we reached the warehouse she gave me a key and a tourch she told me to lock up she also told me behind the warehouse was a store that i could get supplies i need i didnt have time to go to the store because it was nearly dark i wouldnt be able to see anything including zombies so i unlocked the warehouse and went to thank this girl but when i turned around she was gone.The warehouse was grubby and wet the were shelves full of clothes i climbed on top of one and made a bed using clothes.That night i had forgot to check the warehouse for zombies and was woke up by the sound of a shreck it scared me and i fell off the shelf and saw the flesh hungry face of a zombie looking at me i ran as fast as i could but the zombie wouldnt stop i knew what would happen if i stopped i would get eaten and turned into one of them.I knew i had to fight i triped over a lead pipe as the zombie rushing towards lying hopeless on the ground i kicked the zombie in the face grabed the lead pipe and went up to the zombie and started hitting it in the face it kept screaming then it stopped i hit it again just to be safe.I heard footsteps lots of footsteps and groining i then realised i forgot to lock the door.

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