Teasel was born into the rough world of animal cruelty and has always been mis-treated. Being a beautiful, trusting cat there's not much she can do to defend herself. She's been in and out of so many homes that she no longer trusts humans. Will she ever find somebody who truly loves her?


2. First Impressions

I went to a woman who lived in a council house with three children, all girls. The girls had wanted a pet for ages and were very loving and liked to cuddle me a lot. The youngest one, Estelle, was four and was very pretty, with chocolate brown hair cut into a bob and big, brown eyes. She liked to wear dresses and always trailed a tired-looking doll around with her. Vixen, who was six, was very tall for her age and had waist-length, wavy, mouse brown hair and hazel eyes. And the eldest, seven-year-old Charlotte, looked almost exactly the same as Vixen except that she had a boyish haircut.

The only reason that I didn’t enjoy living with them was because they didn’t understand me very well. For a start, they pulled my tail a lot, and that hurt. Then their Mother began to hit me with a slipper for no particular reason. After doing this she would proceed to throw me out of the door.

I spent two years at that house before some new neighbours moved in next door with a twelve-year-old daughter who loved animals. Every time she saw me she’d stroke me and kiss me. She had her own cat, Oscar. I played with him a lot. He was a fat, ginger cat with green eyes. He liked to lie in his back garden, next to the rose bush, in the sun. I used to jump over the fence and lay next to him talking all day long.

“Hello, Oscar!” I’d call to him.

“Hey there, Teasel, how are you today?”

“I’ve been smacked several times, as usual,” I would reply.

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