Teasel was born into the rough world of animal cruelty and has always been mis-treated. Being a beautiful, trusting cat there's not much she can do to defend herself. She's been in and out of so many homes that she no longer trusts humans. Will she ever find somebody who truly loves her?


1. Born

I was born in a damp, dark shed smelling of detergents. As I looked around me I saw many other kittens like me and three cats. My Mother was a white tabby, and my Father was jet black. I, however, am mainly snow white, with patches of different shades of brown and black all over me. In my litter there were nine of us – five males and four females. I think there were about twenty other kittens in that shed with us.

The shed was very small and cramped with a tiny, egg-shaped rug in the middle of the floor. There were no baskets or any other kind of furnishings. The only thing in there was the rug and I couldn’t even see what colour it was as it was so dark. We never got fed and we only had one small bowl of water for all of us to share.

I later found out that my owner was a breeder. She had another shed too, where she bred dogs. She would then sell us kittens and puppies, but until we were bought we were kept in extremely poor conditions. It wasn’t fair on us.

Luckily, unlike some of the less fortunate ones of my litter, I was bought within two months of my birth. However, my owner wasn’t exactly the best owner in the world. At first they were alright, I suppose.

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