Released from horror

Alex's mom passed away when she was 8 she is now eighteen and your dad is an alcoholic and he tortures her when she doesn't do what he says. One day Niall found her with a broken leg and broken rib cage! Read to find out what happens next.


9. Wake up

Alex's POV- he was so cute sleeping '' morning Niall '' I said and kissed him on the forehead he woke up instantaly '' sorry '' I said ''no no thanks I needed that'' he answered He then picked me up and spun me around I giggled '' stop stop'' I said in a playful way he put me down. We went to get breakfast and it was the biggest meal I had ever had. '' were going shopping today'' Niall said '' I don't have that much only about 100 or 200 '' I said '' don't be silly , your not paying I am '' he said '' I couldnt do that ! '' I said '' oh but you will '' we both laughed and he walked over to the chair and sat in it, I was walking right by him to the other chair when he pulled my waist and sat me down on his lap , i knew he was gonna try to kiss me but was I ready?

Nialls POV-''Alex?'' I asked
'' yes Niall? '' she said back
'' can I kiss you?'' I asked , she nodded and we were leaning in when there was a nock on my door.
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