Released from horror

Alex's mom passed away when she was 8 she is now eighteen and your dad is an alcoholic and he tortures her when she doesn't do what he says. One day Niall found her with a broken leg and broken rib cage! Read to find out what happens next.



Nialls POV- Im giving Alex a SUPRISE.
Im bringing her on stage tomorrow night on the tour

Im going to bring her out for supper today were going to Nandos then come back and have a movie night <3

Alexs POV- '' niall, where are you bringing me'' i say when we got into the car '' on a date to Nandos '' he said and kissed my neck '' aww thanks nialler '' I say '' anything for my princess ''
I like being called his princess I feel like I have Some one actually cares about me '' Niall '' I whisper '' yes babe ? '' Niall answers '' I feel like my ex is following me '' I say '' oh no ... How about we go to the furthest Nandos ? '' he smilied and I fake a smile and then he asks '' what's wrong '' I say I don't feel safe here in the town '' he understands and we go home I say sorry and he said no problem but tonight we get to do what he wants pulling a funny face I laugh and say okay , I ask ''what do you want to do? '' an he says he wants to ''watch movies while snuggling with each other !! ''
'' okay anything else ? '' I ask .
'' I get to kiss you as much as I want '' he smiles and I say ''. Okay '' . We watch monsters inc. and he doesn't stop kissing me ! I say I need to go to the bathroom and he pauses the movie to wait for me, I come back and there is 4 different foods and drinks on the table chips, pops, candies, water. I laugh at him and he runs up to me and says the first movie isn't even done and rushes me into his lap and we lay down but niall still manages to kiss me every 30 seconds ! I kinda like it the first movie ends so we watch toy story. Niall still kissing me, the next movie I start to get tired and fall asleep but nialler wakes me up by singing and playing his guitar to me . I wake up and smile and say are you don't kissing me ? I laugh and kiss him he says '' NO I just want to sing to you'' I hug him and fall asleep in his arms he takes a picture of me and him and puts it on twitter then wakes me up and said '' I'm not done kissing you by the way ! '' I laugh and he puts his guitar down and carries me to his room and we snuggle and he kisses me some more and does not stop I want to plan a prank so I walk out of our flat and into the lobby and he walks up to me and carries me outside and I say '' it's raining ! Can I kiss you in the rain ? '' I ask he smile and we go outside and start kissing we don't stop until I pull back and say '' I feel like he's here and he knows what I'm talking about so he carries me back into the flat and we snuggle up in bed then he takes his shirt off because he's always worn it because we wernt a couple but now that we are he takes his shirt and pants off so hes just in his underwear we snuggle and then fall asleep he wakes up because of a knock at the door and he wakes me up '' Alex I think it's your ex '' him whispering into my ear '' do not answer it unless you want him to fine us
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