Released from horror

Alex's mom passed away when she was 8 she is now eighteen and your dad is an alcoholic and he tortures her when she doesn't do what he says. One day Niall found her with a broken leg and broken rib cage! Read to find out what happens next.


11. Love

Nialls POV- she got dressed into the outfit I had bought her yesturday a short black dress with a silver necklace a silver chain clutch and black heels,
She camer out of the room in the outfit '' you look beautiful'' I said ''why thank you kind sir '' she said jokingly

I walked her down the stairs and I could see cuts all over her legs and wrists but I didn't mind , she looked absolutely beautiful ! I kissed her on the cheek right before we entered the limo. I think paparazzi took a photo of that so we rushed in the car, we got to the mall 25 minutes later and we got tons of outfits he bought me way to much do when I got all the heels I wanted I said '' babe, could you go get me those shiny black heels ?'' then quickly payed for it '' you tricked me '' he said with a funny face '' whoops sorry '' I said joking around

He put a wod of cash in my bag when I entered the bathroom because I saw at the corner of my eye, I'll put It on his dresser later on!

Then we went for lunch at Nandos, and I started liking Ireland again ! After we were done we went to Harry an Louis flat because the boys invited us there, Niall called just to make sure we were all meeting up there
Niall-hey Louis are we still on for tonight?
Louis-yes zayn and Liam are coming in 5
Niall-okay Byee
*end of call*

We got to their flat in less than 20 minutes
Then we watched titanic
Niall saw I was getting really bored so he asked me ''do you want to go upstairs?'' I nodded so he took my hand an told the boys we were going upstairs to talk '' okay '' they all said
We went upstairs to a balcony and kissed for a while then we just talked about going on tour in a week to california then he looked at me and I knew he was going to ask me somethin. Niall- Alex?
Me-yes Niall? Niall- I was gonna ask you later but I want to call you mine, will you go out with me?
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