Released from horror

Alex's mom passed away when she was 8 she is now eighteen and your dad is an alcoholic and he tortures her when she doesn't do what he says. One day Niall found her with a broken leg and broken rib cage! Read to find out what happens next.


20. Getting there

alexs POV-
We got at the airport in california and there was hundreds of fans asking for autographs.
We had to go to the concert because we had to be there 1 hour earlier to set up . I felt much better knowing that my ex wasn't there. We got in th limo and went to the hotel we were staying at. Fans were chasing after the limo and when we got out. We got settled into the hotel and there was a knock at Niall and i's door. I looked through the peep hole and there was a fan , '' Niall it's a fan should I answer it ? '' I asked '' yes one minute'' he replyed and he came to the door and answered it '' hey Niall omg I love you so much can I get your autograph ? '' the fan asked '' yes sure '' niall answered back . He gave the young girl an autograph then he saw hundreds of fan coming down the hallway and he closed the door, he had to call Paul to get the fans away , we heard Paul in less than 10 minutes so we walked out and got into the limo , a fan flashed us and we all looked away '' oh my gosh '' I said and Niall just laughed '' they do that all the time '' he replyed back I said I felt bad for them and they giggled .
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