Released from horror

Alex's mom passed away when she was 8 she is now eighteen and your dad is an alcoholic and he tortures her when she doesn't do what he says. One day Niall found her with a broken leg and broken rib cage! Read to find out what happens next.


27. Alexs birthday

Nialls POV- I woke up and remembered it was my princess's birthday. '' happy birthday princess '' I said and kisses her on the cheek, she woke up and kissed me '' thanks babe , I love you '' she said to me. I said '' no problem '' . I went over to her side of the bed and picked her up she looked at me and I melted she had blue blue eyes with green circles around the edge of her eye. I was stuck staring at her eyes

Alexs POV- Niall was staring at me, I wanted to be with him forever '' you saved my life '' I said to Niall he smiled '' you saved my heart '' he said then kissed me I kissed him back then w didn't stop kissing 2 minutes later he said '' oh !! I have a present for you '' I looked at him and said '' Niall !! You shouldn't of got me anything, you already got me my life back '' he said '' your still getting the present !! '' he put me down on the couch and ran to his room he came back with a big box '' open it !! '' I kissed him and opened the present and there was an iPhone in the box '' Niall you didn't !! '' I said and kissed him and hugged him '' it's for you '' Niall said to me I said '' thanks baby I love you so much '' I wouldnt let go of him '' that's not it '' he said then put a silver locket necklace on me with a picture of him in there and a picture of us '' do you like it? '' he asked '' I kissed him then would let him go '' I loveee it '' I replyed he smiled then picked me up and took me to the kitchen '' pancakes or waffles ? '' I ask '' pancakes ! '' he replyed then out me down and we start to cook . Then we had a flour fight, it was amazing . We ate Then he picked me up and we started making out. We smiled and we made a twitcam '' hey guys this is my beautiful girlfriend Alex and its her birthday ! '' he smiles the kisses me '' well byeeeee '' he said and started kissing me and ended it '' do you want to take it to the next level ? '' he asked '' sure '' I say so we start getting changed infront of each other and we laughed. We were don't changing and Niall picked me up and spun my around and fell into the bed so I was sitting on him '' whoops '' he says then we start making out. He rolled over so he was on me and we started to restle, loser has to admit tonight infront of the boys that we are weaker and I had a feeling I was gonna have to do that, and If I win I get to Pick th movie tonight , if he wins he gets to pick me up and he gets to snuggle with me when ever he wants for the rest of the week . We started to restle and he pushes me down into the bed '' owww '' i yell '' Alex ?! I'm so sorry are you al- I cut him off '' and laugh and get on him '' hey you cheated '' he yelled at me '' whoops I guess I should let you win now? '' I ask with a sad voice Niall kisses me and let's me win. '' you don't have to announce to th boys you lost '' I say '' no I'm just gonna say you cheated '' he laughs and kisses me

Nialls POV- I think she really liked her present
The boys nocked at the door and we had an amazing party
Louis got Alex a necklace , Harry got her a pair of earrings , Liam got her a iPod case personalized of me and Alex on our kiss the paparazzi took of us when I picked Alex up. Zayn got her a mirror with her name all over it '' thanks so much guys '' she said to them then we had our cake and it said '' happy birthday my princess '' and she looked at me and could tell that I made it for her . When we were done the cake we watched a movie and headed to bed .
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