Full Moon

Rose has been haunted by dreams; dreams depicting the lives of the Cullen family.
But then Rose goes to the Italian city of Volterra with her class, where strange occurrences will change her whole life.


8. Chapter 7


I must’ve been in a state of shock. I was just sitting in the lobby and stared at nothing while tears fall silently down my cheeks. At some point I started sobbing hysterically; I was probably scaring Gianna, the receptionist.

I have betrayed my friends. I couldn’t move on from that thought. I was a traitor. A murderer. 

I was the cause of my friends’ deaths. I could’ve saved them. How? 

I didn’t know.


After what seemed like hours Heidi came back with eyes that were a fresh shade of red. Less clouded. I guessed she only wore contacts when she went outside.

She brought me back to the chamber room where Aro, Marcus and Caius were waiting, sitting on their thrones like they were the kings of the world. They probably thought they were just that. I despised them.

All three had eyes the same red as Heidi.

“Welcome back, Rose.” Aro smiled at me. His face was open, friendly. I guessed he wasn’t hungry, or rather thirsty, anymore. Bastard.

I looked at Caius. He still had that sour and sharp expression. And Marcus still looked completely bored.

I was standing a few feet away from them with probably a very sunken and sulky expression. Maybe even with hate coursing out of my eyes. I didn’t know, I didn’t care.

Aro understood my mood. “I am sorry. They were your friends.”

I just stared at him. “What do you want from me?”

“I want to know how. And what.”

I gave him an irritated look. “Then just touch my hand and be done with it.”

His eyes widened just a tiny bit with surprise. He didn’t know that I knew about his power. His power of knowing every thought of a mind just by touch of skin.

I held out my hand irritably out to him. “What’re you waiting for?”

He was in front of me with such a speed that I didn’t even see him get up from the throne. It scared me. All this supernatural stuff was seriously tiring me and I’d had quite enough of it.

He took my hand. And then Aro and I watched my whole life play across our eyes. Even the most embarrassing moments I would’ve liked to have kept to myself. Oh, well.

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