Full Moon

Rose has been haunted by dreams; dreams depicting the lives of the Cullen family.
But then Rose goes to the Italian city of Volterra with her class, where strange occurrences will change her whole life.


7. Chapter 6


The sudden gasps and “She’s nuts!”s of my classmates were quite loud after the long silent pause.

Aro was staring incredulously at me. Apparently he hadn’t really believed that I’d know. 


His voice carried to me in spite of all the noise of the class. I answered him honestly. “I don’t know.”

We just stood there in the midst of my class’ outrage and stared at each other. Me, because I was completely spellbound by his gaze and him… I don’t know, but probably out of curiosity. Or maybe he was just being polite. Even though staring is rude. 


Suddenly the noise was obviously too much for him. “Silence!”

Of course, everyone turned silent.

Aro looked at the class. Then he turned back to me. “Please wait in the lobby until we are done with this.” He turned around towards his brothers. I knew what would happen. But I couldn’t let them do it. 

“Wait!” I said and took a step towards him. The people around us, vampires of course, all growl ed and crouched to attack. Aro raised one hand and they all went silent. All except one.

If I hadn’t seen her face, I could’ve mistaken her for a little child. But I did see her face. And she looked like a little angel with her short brown hair and full lips. Her eyes were just as milky red as all the others’. But filled with hate.

“Jane.” I whispered.

She turned her gaze on me. She just stared at me with a strong malice and growls. Her gaze kept me locked to her and I couldn’t move.

“Peace, dear one.” Aro said and went to her.

Jane looked into his eyes and straightened out of her crouch. Aro put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her quickly on her lips. He then whispered something into her ear that made her smile with relish. I couldn’t hear what he said. I didn’t think I wanted to know.

He then turned towards me.

“Aro. Please. Don’t.” I hated begging. But there's nothing else I could do. I refused to leave my classmates and teacher with them. I would even get down on my knees if that was what it’d take.

Aro looked at me with remorse. “I truly am sorry. But they already know too much.”

Tears filled my eyes. It couldn’t be happening!

“Please.” I tried again, my voice breaking at the end.

He gave me a truly sad look. “Heidi, will you show her to the lobby?”

The tears spilled over. I could barely see, but perhaps that was a good thing. I couldn’t bear seeing my friends’ confused and scared looks.

Heidi took hold of my arm and towed me back what I assumed was the way we came. I wished that my hearing had gone instead of my sight. I wished that it was all just another one of my awful dreams and that I'd wake up any second.

But I didn’t. And no matter how hard I clenched my ears, I could still hear the screams. The horrible  screams of my friends dying.

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