Full Moon

Rose has been haunted by dreams; dreams depicting the lives of the Cullen family.
But then Rose goes to the Italian city of Volterra with her class, where strange occurrences will change her whole life.


4. Chapter 3


“Hello, and welcome to Volterra.” Her voice was like the beautiful sound of ringing bells, hypnotizing all of us. Even me. A little bit.

A few strands of her long mahogany hair blew in front of her face as she spoke. She lifted her hand gracefully and tucked them back behind her ear. So gracefully that she entranced us all even more. She couldn’t be human. She was too perfect.

My teacher, Alan, seemed to come out of his trance since he cleared his throat a couple of times and stepped forward.

“Thank you very much.” he got out after a few tries.

The woman smiled big and showed a perfect set of white teeth. She was beautiful. Inhumanly beautiful. 

“I’m Heidi. Your guide?”

Alan blinked a few times and looked like a complete dimwit. Then it finally hit him.

“Oh yes! I completely forgot!” He smiled goofily and turned towards the class.

“Everyone, this is our guide for the day, Heidi!” 

The guys pulled their best “How you doin’” and the girls partly suppressed their jealousy and said hi. 

Heidi smiled back. “So, anyone know the history of Voltera?” And off it went.

She guided us through the buildings of the square and acted so normal and friendly that my paranoia almost calmed a bit. Almost.

But then we entered Palazzo dei Priori. The clock tower.


Heidi guided us through a big hallway with white walls and grey floor. Lights were placed regularly across the ceiling. The coolness of the air condition was very refreshing after the hot weather outside, but every cell of my body was screaming no.

“We’re going down with the elevator.” I heard myself saying.

Apparently, Anna heard me too. “How do you know that?”

I just stared straight ahead, letting the feeling of deja vu swirl grow inside me. “I have no idea.”

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