Full Moon

Rose has been haunted by dreams; dreams depicting the lives of the Cullen family.
But then Rose goes to the Italian city of Volterra with her class, where strange occurrences will change her whole life.


3. Chapter 2


We reached Voltera at noon. The sun was high in the sky and we were baking. But it was absolutely breathtaking.

The small town was on the top of a hill. All the roads were slanting with the highest point being the Piazza Grande, which was the town center. The walk there was hard in the suffocating heat. Once in a while a chilly breeze blew across the town, making the heat somewhat bearable.

Small alleyways, bakeries and restaurants gave the town and long trek upwards a pleasant atmosphere. Here and there natives of Voltera sat or stood staring at the panting strangers walking by. Occasionally I caught a glimpse of the beautiful view behind a shop wall or through a small alley. The view of the Alps, a huge lake and more green. Heaven.

Heaven filled with demons.


Our breathtaking surroundings couldn’t calm the growing feeling of danger inside me. I had a very, very bad feeling about this town. And the closer we got to Piazza Grande the worse it got.

My classmates were happy. Melissa was flicking her long, golden hair and working her long legs flirtatiously. Anna was taking pictures and occasionally shot worried glances at me. The guys were… well, guys. I can’t really describe what they were doing, since I haven’t got a clue about what goes  on inside their heads. 

But one thing I can tell about my classmates, boy or girl, is that they didn’t feel the danger as we stepped in to the big square. They didn’t have a big alarm ringing in their head at the sight of the woman who moved towards us. They didn’t notice her eyes, which were an odd shade of violet. They didn’t see through her fake and alluring smile.

But I did.

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