Full Moon

Rose has been haunted by dreams; dreams depicting the lives of the Cullen family.
But then Rose goes to the Italian city of Volterra with her class, where strange occurrences will change her whole life.


2. Chapter 1


The Tuscan landscape passed by me fast. All I could see was green. Beautiful green.

I just sat there, looking out the bus window. I didn’t participate in the others' conversation, didn’t smile and laugh along with them. I hadn’t been that social since the dreams started. 

The dreams…. I’d had them for quite some time now. Though they never were the same, they were always about the same persons. The same story. It was like having my own private TV-show in my head. Not a comedy like Friends or How I Met Your Mother. I wish. It was more like The Vampire Diaries. Only scarier.

But that was only at the beginning, the first couple of nights. Now…. Now they’re just frightening. And they scared the shit out of me.


I'm snapped out of my reverie by the shrill sound of laughter. A laughter I knew very well.

Melissa Goldberg was a golden-haired, blue-eyed “daddy’s girl”. She was the kind of girl who got everything and everyone she wanted.

“Urgh… I can’t stand her.” a voice next to me said. 

I looked to my right and see my best friend, Anna. I hadn’t even noticed her there. What kind of a friend was I?

“Sorry.” I told her.

She understood. “It’s okay. It’s not the first time.” She smiled understandingly and bumped my shoulder with her own.

I nodded, tried a not-so-convincing smile and looked out of the window again.

“You’re having the dreams again.” I heard her say. It wasn’t a question.

I didn’t answer. She knew how much they scared me. And they’d gotten worse since our teacher told us we were going to Italy. 

I know, Italy?!


Each year the school board gives a traveling gift certificate to the class that has the best grades. 

It probably sounds too good to be true, but it is true and this year my class won. After a lot of hard work, I should say.

So, the class voted and Italy was chosen. We decided to fly to Rome and then drive around Italy.  At this point we'd travelled the south and the mid and were now driving north towards Venice. But, since it was too long a drive, we were stopping in a small town called Volterra for the night. And that was the part I was dreading.

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