Full Moon

Rose has been haunted by dreams; dreams depicting the lives of the Cullen family.
But then Rose goes to the Italian city of Volterra with her class, where strange occurrences will change her whole life.


1. Preface


“Rose. Rose.” The voice was just a soft humming in the back of my head. Slowly, it crept its way  forward and turned darker and darker. When it finally filled every single corner of my mind two eyes appeared out of nowhere to match the voice. But these weren’t normal human eyes. No, these were blood red. 


“Rose.” The voice called out again. 

I tried to run from it, to get away from these horrible eyes. But I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried to run I couldn’t move a single centimeter.

“Rose.” The fear inside me grew and coursed through my body. I opened my mouth to scream, but no sound came out. I was trapped in a soundless place with no chance of escape. I was trapped in Nothing.


A mouth added to the eyes, creating a face; a smiling face. Not pleasant and warm, but humorless and mocking. It was laughing at me. I tried again to scream and run away, but failed effortlessly.

The smile grew bigger, but also blurred. My sight was disappearing. Dark spots appeared on my vision.  Slowly the darkness crept closer and closer until it swallowed me completely. 

The last thing I saw were those horrible eyes.





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