Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


11. The End?


“You know Tai, I think I love you too” I hear Carla say. Where am I? Am I in the afterlife? Thank you Zeus; thanks for giving me another Carla here in this world. I open my eyes, though I suppose I am not really opening my eyes. I am opening my spirits eyes, right? Wow, the afterlife looks a lot like Becky’s castle. A lot like it.

“Wakey, wakey Tai! You’ve had a knock to the head” I hear my new Carla say. Wait a minute? Knock to the head? I died from a knife in my stomach, didn’t I? I look around dazed. Oh my Poseidon! I didn’t die? I didn’t die! I reach up and hug Carla. She hugs me back and I look over her shoulder to see Becky. She has handcuffs on and I recognise the man called Jay from the army we were making. Carla’s mum is standing next to him along with another man I don’t know.

“Wait, I’m not dead?” I ask as I pull away from the warmth of Carla’s hug. She laughs slightly but a tear trickles down her wet cheek at the same time.

“No Tai, you are not. I ran out of the castle, feeling so guilty with myself for leaving you. I was halfway towards mums’ castle when I saw the army. The one we created! Mum was leading it down the hill. They were already coming Tai! Because of your note!” Carla says and I think back to the note I wrote. ‘Hello, we are at Eagle falls decoration camp, we thought we could use a few more tips for our project. Loving you lots and don’t worry about us, we are Perfectly fine, love Carla and Tai!’ Take each capital letter and it spells ‘HELP’. I knew Carla’s mum would hire her code reader, just to be sure.

“Well that wasn’t the only reason, Carla.” Queen Bella says.

“What do you mean?” Carla says puzzled.

“There is someone I would like you to meet Carla.” Bella points to the man I didn’t know. “This is Ben Addison Chase, your father.” Carla stares at the man. He smiles and holds his arms out for Carla. Carla runs to hug him.

“Dad!” she says and buries her head in his chest.

“Yes darling, it’s really me!” he says and his blonde surfer-like hair waves across Carlas face.

“But how did you know, I don’t understand” Carla says her tears spraying her cheeks. Bella grins.

“I found Tai’s letter but I still didn’t know where you were or how you were. I was so worried. The only thing I thought I could do was contact Ben. I’m glad I did. You see Carla, Ben has a gift as well. The one I think is the best. He can see the future. He said he had seen a girl and a boy in the HippoDuctyl castle. I knew it must be you two. So I told him. He was shocked at first but he kept having new visions and began to like your determination. He also saw your army, and yes we will be having words earlier after you went behind my back Carla chase! I managed to track down some of the soldiers and we decided to attack the castle.” Bella says and Ben smiles.

“I have grown up a lot over the past years. I wasn’t ready for a kid before but now, well I want a family. I want to marry your mum, Carla. If you don’t mind?” Ben says and Carla smiles joyfully.

“Yeah of course... Dad!” Carla smiles. They all hug together and I can almost see a cloud of happiness surrounding them. But there are still some questions I need answering.

“Aww, but how come I am not dead? Surely Becky would have stabbed me before you had a chance of fighting her? And why is my head hurting?” I say.

“Oh sorry about that Tai. I stopped Becky by using my powers. It made a massive explosion that threw her across the room. Unfortunately, you fainted and banged your head! It’s usually me who does the fainting! You’re stealing my moves! The army were able to handcuff Becky when she was thrown across towards them. I’m so sorry Tai, this is my entire fault. If I had just found mum at the start, none of this would have happened-” Carla begins but I put my hand out for her to stop.

“Carla, none of this is your fault. It just happened and to be honest I’m glad it did. Because it has given me this chance to say what I needed to say. I should have said it before but I was scared you didn’t feel the same way. The truth is I love you Carla chase. I haven’t even known you very long but I feel I have known you all my life. You’re my entire world Carla chase. You’re my everything.” I say and reach out to kiss her. I pull away after a few seconds and see Carla smiling.

“I love you Tai” Carla smiles and I put my arm around her. We turn to face Becky who is watching with an insane frown on her face.

“Oh happy families are we? Happy? Well I’m not happy and I deserve to be happy! I deserve it. And one day Carla Chase, I will get my revenge. Just you watch.” Becky snarls and two men from our army carry her off, ready to lock Becky away forever. I see Becky turn in to her HippoDuctyl form and I shudder.

“What a freak” I hear Carla say and I laugh.

“Yeah, what a freak” I repeat. Bella ushers us out of the door and I feel glad to be out of the gloomy castle. We hop on to an octopus which carries us to Bella’s castle. I smile at the glorious happy colours of the building and notice my tail has come back. Yes!

“Now I think you guys need some rest!” Queen Bella says cheerfully but I can see the worry in her eyes. I think of all the distress Carla and I must have caused her.

“Your majesty, I am so sorry for leading your daughter in to this mess. And if you want me to leave your daughter alone, I completely understand. We shouldn’t have made that army, it was too dangerous. I’m sorry.” I say although every instinct in my body is telling me that I shouldn’t. I don’t want to lose Carla. As I said before, she is my everything. The queen looks thoughtful.

“Tai, you are right. You did make an army without my permission. Putting my daughter in danger and almost getting her killed.” She says and my heart drops in my chest. I tried, now I go.

“Then I will leave.” I say and Carla begins to cry.

“No, Tai you can’t go! Mum, I need him! Please don’t make him go.” She cries.

“Wait, Carla. You didn’t let me finish. As I said, you nearly got my daughter killed... but yet you also saved her life. You see my daughter would have been killed if you hadn’t risked your own life. I was wrong about you. And for that Tai, I couldn’t be more grateful.” Bella says and puts her arms out for a hug. I run and hug her.

“Thank you, your majesty. I promise I will take better care of your daughter in the future. Thank you, your majesty.” I say.

“Oh please Tai, call me Bella.” Bella smiles.

“Ok Bella, anything you want. Thank you!” I say and rush towards Carla. “Carla” I begin and then notice all the faces staring at me. No, I don’t need to be shy anymore. “Carla, will you be my girlfriend?” I ask and a series of ‘awws and aahs’ fill the room. Carla smiles at me sweetly, her beauty shining.

“Of course Tai, of course!” she smiles. I hug her and lift her in the air. Spinning her in the air. I’m happy now. Very happy. I have Carla, I have everything.

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