Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


9. Tai's Story


Part two – Tai

Chapter one

“So Carla, how are you? I have something to tell you...” I begin to say. “No, no, no” I say and put my hands on my face. How difficult can it be! “So Carla, I have something on my mind which I would like you to know...” I sigh and pat Bailey on her head. “It’s alright for you Bailey, you are a Dolphin! Don’t think I will ever be able to tell Carla what I want to say” I throw a fish at Bailey and she makes a ‘Brr’ sound happily. Yuck! How do humans eat this stuff? I mean Dolphins, yeah it is in their natural habitat and there isn’t anything else, but Humans have fish as pets. I would. Never eat Dolphin because of Bailey. I shudder at the thought. Speaking of humans (or mermaids who love humans, yawn, yawn), I better be getting back to Carla. Bailey nudges me sadly as if reading my thoughts. “Hey girl, I thought I was supposed to be the mind reader!” I joke. I wish Carla would let me read her mind... I wouldn’t need to ask the questions I so want to ask. “Well, ok I’m sure Carla can manage a bit longer” I give in and throw a ball to Bailey. She juggles with her fins and bounces it on her head like a circus Seal. I notice another dolphin swim past and see Bailey smile at it. She looks back at me as if to ask for my permission. “Go on girl, go on I won’t stop you from having friends!” I smile as Bailey swims off with her newfound boyfriend. “Bring her back before ten!” I laugh and watch as they swim together. “If only it was that simple with merpeople” I sigh. I swim round the side of my house and through the tunnel towards the Palace.

I slowly sneak around the side of the building and carefully avoid the Queen who is coming out of the kitchen.

“I said I wanted Spaghetti Bolognaise not Pasta Bolognaise, what is this? Backwards day?!” I hear her shout. Now I see where Carla got her temper from! I resist the temptation to say this out loud so I can annoy Queen Bella. Carla doesn’t think I can see it but I know she thinks I’m an unworthy peasant who shouldn’t be near her princess daughter. I carefully tiptoe past the Queen and her guards while ducking from the Gardeners who are cleaning up some seaweed. Everyone else doesn’t mind the seaweed but oh no, it is too peasant-like for the Queen of the sea.

I open the big door that leads to the basement. Ok, I can do this; I just walk right up Carla and say.... what do I say? Ok, ok, I just need to be myself. I go down the stone spiral staircase and open the Iron Gate...

“So Carla I have something I need to tell you... Carla?”  I say and search round the room. Maybe she went to get a drink. I swim to the new chair we got for our decoration project and sit down admiring our work. This may not actually be our big project but I have to admire Carla’s art skills. It seems she does have a knack for art even if she doesn’t know it.  I go into the kitchen to see if she is there. I check behind the counters but she isn’t there. Mrs Jenkins the head chef comes in, she is carrying a plump cooked turkey and a platter of vegetables and baked potatoes. It makes my mouth water just looking at it.

“Hello, Mrs J!” I smile and she smiles back. The Queen may not like me but her cook does. I used to help her before I became Carla’s protector. Mrs Jenkins was the kind of cook you would find in a young children’s movie. She had curly red hair that peeped out of her hairnet and a white apron that fitted tightly round her plump stomach. Her cheeks were rosy and there was sweat on her brow.

“Oh what a pleasure, it is young Tai! Not so young now, eh? You know what? I have just finished baking a chocolate fudge cake! I know it’s your favourite, darling!” she says and brings forward any chocoholics dream on a silver tray. The chocolate smell is mouth-watering by its self! I lick my lips.

“Won’t the Queen miss it?” I say and Mrs J gives me a look that makes me think she noticed my tone of voice. I reach out for a piece of chocolate cake but she pulls it away.

“Now, now Tai. Don’t think I don’t know you don’t like Queen Bella but if you are trying to get on Princess Carla’s good side, which I can tell you are, don’t you think you should get on her mums good one?” she smiles sympathetically and then hands me the slice of cake. I look at her quizzically.

“How do you know I like Carla? I mean, why do you think that?” I quickly say. Mrs J winks at me and passes a slice of the cake on a plate with a fork.

“You may be the mind reader Tai but I can read your face” she says and with that she is gone to serve Queen Bella her lunch. I shrug my shoulders with confusion and then set off to look for Carla again. I knock on the bathroom door but no one is there and I check the gardens. Then I go back to the basement. That’s when I see it.

Lying on the floor is a letter, I pick it up and my face turns as white as marble. I read through and have to steady myself on the desk. I need to tell the Queen. No! I can’t! She will just lock me away somewhere and barge in causing a war. That won’t help at all! I grab my coat and swim out of the door. Next stop- HippoDuctyl Castle. Let’s get ready to kick some sea monsters in to murky water.

I swim as fast as I can past the guards, gliding through the water as its temperature drops. I know I am entering HippoDuctyl territory. A bell makes me shudder and I see the clock tower strike 6 ‘o’ clock. If my logic is correct the HippoDuctyl serve tea at 6pm. I carefully creep past the guards standing outside the dark purple walls. Not very good guards! Well I suppose all HippoDuctyl are a bit thick. I shudder, what if they have performed the Arabatha Ceremony. Or what if Carla hasn’t agreed to help them? Then she would surely die...

I climb up the thick purple gates and carefully manoeuvre myself so the guards can’t see me. My tail scrapes across a fish skeleton and I gasp as the pain overwhelms me. A HippoDuctyl guard swivels round with a bow and arrow pointing at me. But to my surprise it turns round again. Obviously confused, it stands back in to its guard position. I gather up my senses and try to work out how I can get to the entrance of the dungeons. I finally conjure up a plan but I know it is risky. Too risky. But it is the only way.

“Hey Guard dogs!” I shout and jump off the black wall. The HippoDuctyl stare confused and in shock. “Which way too the dungeon?” I say and begin to walk towards them. “Oh you are confused, I get it. Well hello, I am Tai. I am friends with the princess I think you have probably locked in a dungeon. I am here to rescue her but you don’t want me to do that do you? Oh very well you will have to put me in the dungeon as well then. Nothing else for it I suppose. Go on then.” I smile and the two HippoDuctyl exchange wary glances. But they do as I say thinking it is the right thing to do and take me to the dungeons. Ha!

The HippoDuctyl pushes me into a cell while it finds their ‘Queen’. I’m guessing this is the killer care worker called Becky. I press my ear against the metal walls to try and hear what is going on the next cell. This is what I hear.

“Dinners served princess!” a HippoDuctyl sneers.

“What is it?” I hear a girl say. Yes! Carla must be alive!

“Fish mush soup” the HippoDuctyl laughs.

“I’m not hungry” Carla mutters.

“Well, I don’t care if you are not hungry, by orders of the rightful Queen you have to eat it. Starvation isn’t as painful a death as the Arabatha ceremony!” the HippoDuctyl laughs gruesomely.

“You can’t make me!” Carla says. I hear footsteps enter Carla’s cell.

“Carla! What have we told you! You obey my commands and my servant commands” a sickly voice speaks. I guess this is Becky.

“I’m still not eating it” Carla says and I hear a sharp noise and a bang following. I know what happened, I know without even seeing, Becky hit Carla. I grab my invisible sword and push at the padlock on my cell. It click is open and break it and I push myself out.

“Carla!”  I yell as I barge in to the cell. Carla is lying next to the wall. Not moving. The right side of her head is damp and bloody, she obviously hit it against the metal when the impact of Becky’s hand hit her.

“What have you done?!” I yell pointing my invisible sword at Becky.

“Oh clever! I heard my guards captured you but you must have used your invisible sword, right? Well we don’t have another cell so you will have to stay with Carla I suppose! Talk some sense into her about accepting my request.” Becky says. “Well we don’t have another cell so you will have to stay with Carla I suppose! Talk some sense into her about accepting my request.” Becky says and I lower my sword slightly.

“She isn’t going to help you?” I say bewildered. Becky shakes her head. “But that is stupid, she will get herself killed!”

“Yes, well that is what I have said. But it seems she likes you too much!” she sniggers. “Doesn’t want to hurt you and her other friends by acting against you!” I take in all the information. No! It is all wrong. Carla is the princess! She can’t die!

“No she can’t die, I won’t let you!” I shout and see Becky whisper something to the guards. I see two of them stand behind me, blocking my escape. Well, that is ok. I’m not escaping without Carla anyway.

“Well it is up to you then Tai.” Becky comes forward. She licks her lollipop. “You persuade Carla to help us and then she won’t die! Simple as! You can stay in here. And get her to eat her food, will you? The stupid princess is stubborn. You have two days to change her mind or the Arabatha ceremony will begin. Also, I need you to write a letter to Queen Bella. Tell her that you and Carla have gone to a decorating camp or something, ok? And no funny business or the girl dies, ok?” she says and I nod silently. She pats me on my cheek. “Good lad!” she smiles. Then the guards and Becky walk out of the cell. Leaving me with Carla who is beginning to regain consciousness.

“Tttai?” she stutters as she presses the warm wet bloody mark on her head.

“Ssshhh, Carla don’t try to speak. You need to rest.” I say and notice the clang of metal as the cell door opens. Becky wanders back in.

“One last thing Tai, sword?” she says and opens the palm of her hand.

“Why should I?” I ask and feel the cold blade in my palm.

“Um, let’s think. Because if you don’t I will have Carla killed right here, right now.” She smiles and I feel like stabbing her with the sword. I know if I do it will make it even worse. And Carla would be the one to suffer. I hand over the sword.

“Good boy Tai. Oh, Carla! You are awake! Brought you a new cellmate, did you see?” she laughs. “Oh and Carla, remind Tai not to answer back to me again” she is talking to Carla but looking at me, she levels the sword in her hand. “Or you will both be in trouble” And with that she swipes the sword across my arm. It looks like only a small cut but I can feel it is really deep. The pain is overwhelming. I see Becky aim for Carla and I try to shove her out the way.

“Don’t you dare touch her again? Or you will have me to answer to, ok?” I say and push Becky backwards. She just laughs.

“Tai, it’s rude to push girls! Dear me, no manners!” she says and then swipes the sword against my Tail. I squeal as my tail buckles underneath me and I fall on to my side. Becky twirls the invisible sword in her hands. “Remember Tai, I rule here” she says, she does a weird hand gesture and I notice my tail has gone, now I have legs! I hate legs! And they are just as scraped and painful as the tail was. And then Becky walks out of the cell, clanging the door behind her.

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