Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


4. Revelations


Tai got some seaweed and put it in a large clam shell. He then put some algae on the top. I made a face at it but munched it down anyway. It was actually quite tasty and Tai smiled.

“So, how are you feeling?” he says and I yawn.

“Ok, just a little tired but I will live!” I say and Tai frowns.

“You had a big shock, you will be tired and I should take you back to the palace” he says and takes my hand.

“No way, I don’t want to! I don’t want to see that woman!” I moan at the thought of seeing my mother again.

“You need to talk to her! She is your mother and I know you don’t want to hear it but she did try to find you! It was her who hired the people to crack the riddle!” he says and I wish I didn’t believe him but his reassuring grin made me. He was right and I really do need to sort out this mess.

“Yeah, you do!” Tai says and looks at my bewildered face.

“Oops, sorry! Mind reading, I really need to stop that!” he says and I smile.

“Okay then, I will go with you to the palace.” I say and see Tai’s cheesy grin. It makes me laugh.

“But if she starts anything I will walk right up to her and I will ...” I start to say.

“What? You will what?!” Tai laughs.

“Oh you don’t think I could?” I say.

“You’re nice and everything Carla, but you couldn’t hurt a fly, actually scrap that. You couldn’t shout at a fly!” he says and I feel hurt. How dare he think I am a wimp! I would stamp on his feet if he had any! So instead I aim at his tail.

“Ow!” he screams as I whack my tail across his.

“Ok, sorry! You have made your point but I didn’t mean it as a bad thing!” he says and I laugh.

“Are you saying that you are a mean lean fighting machine? Does that mean you are a mean person?!” I laugh and Tai giggles.

“Hey, don’t disrespect the gladiator! I have serious fighting machine aspects but I am lucky to have no personality flaws!” he says and I clutch my tummy because my laughing hurts it so much! Tai shows off his muscles and I am actually impressed! They are quite big and I look down at my small muscles.

“Anyway, shall we get going?” I ask and Tai nods his head.

We swim through the archway and see my mum. Her beautiful long brown hair is neatly tied in a ponytail with some seaweed. She turns to see me and I see her smile turn in to a scowl.

“What are you doing here? I thought you hate me, don’t you?” she says and I feel a tinge of guilt form in my stomach. She thought I hated her?

“I’m...” I start to say and look back at Tai for who smiles encouragingly.

“I’m sorry, I really am. I don’t hate you, I just don’t know you and I shouldn’t have run off like that” I say and look up to see my mum smiling.

“I don’t get you. Why would you want to not know your mother? You don’t know what it has been like for me. I only knew you for one day before you were kidnapped, you know. But still I felt the worst loss I have ever felt. You were my kid, my first-born and only born! I have never stopped searching for you, Carla. I have never stopped searching and hoping. Hope was the only thing that kept me going. And the fact I had a kingdom to run. And when I heard you had returned with that street kid Tai, I thought we could finally begin our relationship but you didn’t want to know. Well, it isn’t your entire fault. I should have been nicer and I’m sorry that you thought I had abandoned you” she says and hugs me.

“You can go up to your floor now and put on the new dress I got for your mermantion.” She says.

“What is a mermantion?” I ask. Tai swims forward to speak.

“It is when a ceremony is held to find your secret power. I’m so excited, I haven’t been to one before!” he says and I look at him puzzled.

“Didn’t you have one?” I ask. Tai blushes.

“Well, I kind of accidently brought on my powers myself!” he says.

“How did you do that?” I ask and my mum swims forwards.

“Tai decided he would get involved in a shark gang who mislead him in to thinking he was king of the sea. Young Tai then got kidnapped by a blue whale who pretended he was Tai’s servant and told him that he had to cast the spell of the Mermaids. The spell of the mermaids is the charm that brings on the introduction of the power you have. Tai said the spell and managed to bring on his power with no one watching apart from whales and sharks. Such a waste of a celebration! It seems that the sharks and whales were jealous because they are not invited to mermantions so they decided to trick Tai into performing the ceremony in front of him.” My mum says disapprovingly and I burst out laughing!

“You idiot!” I laugh and point at Tai who has turned beetroot.

“Hey, not fair! I was three years old! Most normal merpeople have their mermantion at five years! ” he says. We go upstairs and Tai shows me my room, oh I mean floor! It is absolutely massive and echoes can be heard for miles. The decor is amazing, the ceiling and walls are painted azure and the decorations are made of seaweed. On the shell wardrobe is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. It is a gorgeous mint colour and the gorgeous material is studded with blue shells. I put it against my body and it magically glided on to my body. I looked in awe at my face, blue swirls were painted next to my eyes and my lips were painted blue. I wouldn’t normally have gone for this look but it actually looked quite nice. Tai smiled.

“Nice!” he said with his cheesy grin on his face. I laughed and we hurried back downstairs where people were arriving for tonight. Gorgeous blue curtains were pulled over the windows and I saw Tai’s face light up as he saw the blue iced cakes on the buffet table.  I looked closely at the food. I could see blueberry jelly and mint cakes covered with blue leaves on the top. I smelt the gorgeous seaweed wraps.

“Hey Tai, Is there any fish, I love fish!” I say and realise everyone is staring at me with mouths open. Oops, I forgot the fish were swimming round with us.

“Uh, Carla. We don’t eat anything that swims” Tai whispers and my face turns beetroot. I think of something to say but luckily my mum saves the day.

“Don’t worry, everyone!” she says and everyone looks at her. “My daughter means she loves fish! She doesn’t mean eating fish! Where do you guys get ideas like that! Shame on you!” she says and the other merpeople look down guiltily. I notice a turtle kick some shells on the floor in the silence. I officially love my new mum!

“Thanks” I whisper to mum.

“Well in the mean time can you please try and be respectful” she says sharply. Ok I have changed my mind, I officially hate my new mum, again! The room fills with chatter again and Tai and I race towards the big water rapids. Tai whizzes down bravely without a scream while I..., let’s just say I broke a couple of wine glasses with my shrieking! I realise that it seems impossible to have water rapid in water, right? But that is where you are wrong, the water rapid is basically just a tap with a lot of pressure and when you go near it you get pushed down the tube. It is absolutely amazing! I wonder why the HippoDuctyl would want to get rid of the sea. After all don’t the HippoDuctyl live in water? I turn round to see Tai gazing at my head, I wonder what on earth, I mean sea he is doing until I realise he is mindreading.

“Hey, I told you not to do that shark boy. Those sharks taught you to be rude when they kidnapped you did they?!” I laugh and Tai stands embarrassed.

“I was three years old!” he says and we both burst in to laughter. We are interrupted by a ringing noise and I turned round to see my mum with a spoon and a glass. She looks amazing. She has a purple sequined gown on which is encrusted with rubies and a pearl necklace is hanging around her slim neck. She has a small white cape which hangs on her shoulders and her lips are painted the colour of her dress. She has her long brown hair tied in a bun with a pink scrunchie. Her dress is wrapped round her tail and she is sitting on a rock that has been painted to match her outfit.

“Attention!” she shouts and immediately the chatter stops apart from that of a small turtle who is giggling about something. His brother kicks him and he stops.

“Well, I think you all look very nice tonight” my mum says.

“You look nicer, your majesty!” the crowd chant in unison as if they are being told what to say. Oh right, they are. I see a clown fish holding cue cards between its fins.

“Well thank you, but today we are here to perform the mermantion for my own daughter!” she says and I notice the clownfish hold up the sign that says ‘cheer!’. The audience obey and my mum welcomes me on to the stage. I walk up and read the long boring speech my mum had written. Hang on, scrap that. The long boring speech my mum’s assistants had written. My mum is bringing out the magic book. It is old and dusty and I wonder why it doesn’t get soggy.

“It is made of special stuff! So are your clothes!” Tai whispers and I look down at my clothes.

“Now, we will reveal the biggest power that will ever come. The one the riddle spoke of and the one I know you speak of today. The one that will be spoken about until the end of civilisation.” She says and I nervously walk towards the book. I begin to read.

“A merpersons power will be shown,

A new future will be grown,

Reveal, reveal oh magic book,

The path this merpersons life has took.” I say and the audience gasp in astonishment. A golden light shines around me and I see visions in my head.  I gasp as I see my power. I try to knock it out of my head but the power overwhelms me. I stumble backwards as people look at me and gasp. I get it, why my power is so big, I can burn the sea and the sky, I can singe the miseries away with a flash of fire.  I have the powers of a god.

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