Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


3. Prophecy


“Hey.” He says and I run forward and hug him.

“I’m sorry Carla, I overreacted and I shouldn’t have run off like that.” He says.

“No, Tai. It is my fault. I shouldn’t have thought like that! You are my best friend!” I say and I look down at the HippoDuctyl. Its tentacles are wrapped round its body and it makes me feel a bit queasy. But something is bugging me, what did he mean about saving me from Becky? What is worse than a slimy death? I banish the thoughts and stare back at Tai.

“How did you kill him?” I ask and I smile at Tai, he is obviously trying to show off!

“Oh, nothing!” he smirks. I laugh.

“I just used my sword!” he says and I instantly look around for a sword.

“You won’t be able to find it!” he laughs and I look at him quizzically. What does he mean?

“Oh gosh, it isn’t stuck in that HippoDuctyl’s stomach is it!” I say and pretend to vomit. I make retching noises and Tai laughs. He clutches his stomach and imitates a HippoDuctyl.

“It is invisible, silly!” he laughs and I do to. Yeah right!

“Oh really, and I am a...” I say, I was going to say princess and then I realised that that was technically true!

“No, I am not joking!” he says and I realise he is serious.

“Well, where is it then?” I say and drag my hand through the water. Tai is still grinning like an idiot and it is starting to make me annoyed.

“Right here” he says as he places something in to my hand. It feels like metal and is cold to touch but I can’t see anything.

“It’s invisible!” I say as I realise. I feel the length of the sword and my fingers feel like ice. No way would I want to be on the wrong end of this sword. Tai reaches out and I carefully pass it back.

“Careful!” I squeal as I think the blade is coming towards me.

“Relax! It is nowhere near you!” he says calmly and I want to slap him.

“Well how do you know, Mr clever-clogs.” I say as I try to stay back from where I think the sword is.

“I can see it! You can’t but I can!” he says and I see him twirl the magical weapon in the air.

“But how come you can see it and I can’t?” I say and Tai grins again.

“Only I can see it because it was made for me! When I found out my power it was left with me! It is useful because the enemies can’t see it!” he says.

“You calling me an enemy?” I ask and Tai comes forward.

“I don’t know, are you an enemy?” he whispers in my ear. I thought he was serious until he burst out laughing and bubbles spurted out of his mouth.

“LOL!” he says and I glance at him again. I didn’t think mer-people would know LOL!

  “Anyway, let’s find out what you’re gift is! I have a feeling we are going to need it” he says and his smile fades. I have a feeling he was talking about Becky, which made me feel even more queasy. I finally gain the courage to ask him what I have been meaning to ask him. I take a deep breath and talk.

“Tai” I say and he turns around.

“Yeah?” his smile changes when he sees my worried face. “What’s wrong, feel seasick?

“No, I need to ask you something.” I say nervously. “Why is Becky so bothered about me and the HippoDuctyl said that if Becky found me that I would suffer something worse than death.” I said and watched as his expression changed.

“I was worried you might realise” he muttered and sat down on the remains of a ship. A poster was floating on top of it and I could read the words ‘Warning- Sirens nearby’. I remembered the sirens from myths and legends and they used to lure sailors to their deaths through beautiful singing. I say used to... I looked up and focused back on Tai.

“Might realise what?” I say.

“There is something I haven’t told you. A riddle was found near your birth place. It took time to work it out but your mother found the best philosophers and scholars. I will tell you the riddle.” He took a breath.

“Care and love, this girl doesn’t know.

At 13 years old her future will show

Really magical and strong be her powers,

Loving the land with no trees or flowers

Alas, fate will show the girl something...” he stopped and I wondered why.

“Go on then, what is the next line?” I say. He carries on but his smile is long gone.

“Alas fate will show the girl something worse than death lies in the shadows” he says and I shiver. That does not sound good!

“And you’re telling me this because?” I say and he scowls. The scowl quickly turns in to a giant smile.

“You don’t get it! I will explain it. The riddle talks about a girl who doesn’t know care and love, hence a care kid. At 13 years old she will be told her future and will have a great power. Loving the land means the girl might be related to royalty as she has such a passion or love for the land with no trees or flowers, which is obviously the sea. That means the girl is a mermaid. And the last bit basically means the girl will suffer something worse than death.” He says and laughs at my blank face.

“Wow you are dumb!” he says and I shove him off the wreck. He spins back around and grabs a piece of wood, he passes another one to me and starts pretend sword fighting. I poke his stomach and he pretends to die.

“Don’t talk to me like that Buddy!” I say and he giggles harder. He aims for my arm but I shield myself with my sword and he ends up flying back in to the ship with the siren poster wrapped round his face.

“Ooh I’m buddy now am I?” he says. He takes the poster off his face and then aims for my stomach, I knock his wooden sword out of his hand but another object slashes my wood. Oh, I forgot he had the invisible sword!

“Hey that is not fair and you better get this in to your thick skull. You are not my leader, you are not my boss and actually if this is all true and I am not just having a very weird dream, I am a princess and I can get your head chopped off if I want to!” I say and Tai shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

“You still do that on the land? I’m sorry your majesty but I was only joking and I really don’t mean to insult you.” I laugh but I realise he thought I was serious!

“Gee Tai, I was only kidding!” I say and he blushes.

“Oh, uh I knew that” he says.

“Anyway, why were you telling me that lame riddle again?” I ask.

“I will give you a hint!” he grins.

“Take the first letter off each of the lines.” He says and I give him a puzzled look. I try to work it out. I scan the letters in my mind and try to make them fall in to the space. My face turns white as chalk as I realise what he means. I go through the riddle again and nearly vomit in fear. 13 years? Mermaid? Doesn’t know the sea? I think as my mind nearly explodes with what I start to realise.

“You got it then?” Tai grins and I nearly faint again.

“Yep” I say as he reads the riddles first letters.

“C, A, R, L, A, you are the mermaid in the prophecy. You will probably have a great power and that is why Becky needs you. She probably wants you as a slave so she can force you to help destroy the sea by starting a super war and gaining power. Understand?” he says and I faint again. Awesome.




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