Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


2. Monster Encounter


“Wakey, wakey!” I hear Tai say and I wake up for the second time. Oh you are kidding, I wasn’t dreaming. “Don’t worry since you were asleep for a week, your poison wound has healed. Quite a shock, yeah?” Hang on, a week! I was asleep for a week.

“Right, I want this sorted out now. Have you drugged me or something, am I having hallucinations? What is it? Cannabis, cocaine, heroin?” I ask as Tai starts giggling hysterically. He looks like I have just told him the funniest joke ever and I am not impressed. Does he think this is funny?

“Is something funny?” I ask as I fold my arms. How dare he expect me to believe this nonsense!

“Hey, where is your sense of humour, you have just thrown a lip gloss at a HippoDuctyl’s eye, you are breathing in water, you were kidnapped when you were a baby and you still don’t believe you are actually a mermaid! You actually think I drugged you!” he says.  I want to say I don’t believe him but something  is still churning in my mind. Becky never told me anything about my family, she always tried to cover the truth or change the subject, yet I still trusted her. I thought she was my friend and she was actually a weird mermonster that wanted to kill me. And all of those care kids; they were all fake and were actually mermonsters as well? But how come I didn’t realise before. Why did she decide to kill me now, why wait thirteen years. It didn’t make sense.

“We don’t know. We only recognised you as a mermaid when she decided to kill you and it was as if the HippoDuctyl needed you for something. But that is the most terrifying thing, the HippoDuctyl managed to keep you hidden, she took away some of your mermaid genes and replaced them with different ones that would not appear on the mermaid tracking device. But we don’t know which genes they are. Any ideas?” he said. Hang on, I didn’t speak out loud, did he just read my thoughts.

“Oh sorry, by the way you will probably have a special gift, mine is mind-reading. I bet you have one too don’t you!” he says.  I thought about this for a moment, trying to see if there was anything I was really good at, like really really good at! Could I mind read, no. Could I see the future, no.

“Swimming, I am really super at swimming!” I boast. Tai starts laughing hysterically.

“Oh wow, you and the rest of the mer-people!” he starts giggling again and I feel a horrible feeling in my stomach. The one thing I thought I was good at, the thing that was going to be my future and it was just because I was a mermaid. I watch as Tai starts doing somersaults and cool tricks in the water. “Anyway maybe your mum can help us realise your gift.” He says and I decide that that must be true.

“Hang on a minute” I say as I follow him in the water. “I don’t have a tail and neither do you!”

“Look harder!” he says with a cheeky grin on his face. I look at my pale legs, horrible legs with hardly any muscle I think. And how come famous people have really great legs when I go swimming often and have flabby legs! But as I watch, I suddenly see a glittering dust surround my legs.  I can’t believe it, where once my legs were a shining tail develops in front of my eyes. I look round at Tai and gasp as his tail becomes scaly and blue. I notice his top has disappeared and I look down at my body. I have on a glittering blue sequin dress. No, not sequin, shells! I twirl around in the water, pleased with my new appearance. But how come it has only come now?

Tai reads my mind again. “Oh, well you see, you only reveal your true mermaid form when you are in the sea. I bet the HippoDuctyl never took you here did she?” Tai says and I think. He’s right; I have never been to the sea. Yet I can still imagine the blueness and the salty spray on my cheek.

Tai reads my mind again, and yes it is getting annoying now! “You are a mermaid so naturally you seek the sea, you can imagine the sea, and you are part of it!” he says.

“Can you not read my thoughts, it is an invasion of my privacy and I didn’t say you could!” I say angrily.

“Why? Got something to hide?” he giggles and puts on his stupid grin. I can’t help but explode with laughter and so does he.

We swim around and I notice all of the creatures. Jellyfish, starfish, Angelfish and ... a giant squid? I swim backwards with fear and Tai laughs.

“Don’t worry, you’re a mermaid so he won’t hurt you!” he says. I look back at the squid and his face changes, he winks and smiles at me. I can’t help but smile back although I find the whole concept weird.

We arrive at a castle made of shells. The beauty of it nearly knocks me over and I think back to all the grotty houses I have been in before. Why can’t they be made like this? We swim through the archway and I see a golden throne. Sitting on it is a beautiful mermaid; she has brown long hair and a smile that could make the whole world faint with happiness. I officially hate her. Tai nudges me and I notice he has kneeled down. I copy him and he nudges me again. Oh yeah, I am meant to curtsey. The beautiful mermaid looks at me with a twinkle in her eye, I don’t like it. Maybe it is just jealousy but an instinct is telling me she is not as nice as she looks.

“Say hello to your mum, Queen Bella Leila Lola Lucy Kelsey Mary Marmel !” Tai whispers. I think he is joking at first but then I see his serious expression. That queen, that beautiful mermaid, is my mother? The mother I have never met? I stare in disbelief.

“Yes and hello to you too dear, did nobody tell you it is rude to stare?” my mother says and now I hate her even more. I feel betrayed, I expected a kind hearted, pretty, caring human mum and I have a beautiful but uncaring half fish one. I quickly turn off those thoughts in case she has the same gift as Tai.

“Um, well hi, your maj... I mean mum” I mutter, I can see my mum’s eyes glaring at me and I try not to catch her eye.

“I will leave you too it!” Tai says as he bows again and starts to walk, I mean swim out the door. I am willing him to come back but he doesn’t.

“So how are you?” my mum says and I swim back in fury.

“How am I? How am I?” I shout in anger. I see a shrimp backing away from me. “I have been a human for years and I suddenly find out I am a mermaid with a queen mother who didn’t even bother to find me and you are asking, how am I? How do you think I am feeling” I shout. I see my mum’s expression changing from ignorance to anger. Her eyes show a burning fire and the world seems to slow down. I swim backwards. But her expression changes again and she smiles back.

“I’m sorry; I know it must have been hard for you Carla but you have to understand. I searched for you everywhere and I couldn’t find you. The HippoDuctyl stole you from your princess cradle when you were a day old and I blamed myself for that. I mourned for months and I thought you were dead. I am just so pleased you are alive.” She swims forward to give me a hug but I shake her off.

“No thanks to you” I mutter and swim out of the arch. I don’t want to be a mermaid, I must be dreaming. It was probably the dodgy tuna sandwich Becky gave me before. I pinch myself but I don’t wake up. Hang on, Becky.  A tear drops from my eye and I realise the water makes it invisible. Great, I can’t even be comforted in the sea because you can’t tell whether I am crying or not. I feel a warm hand on my shoulder and I turn round to see Tai.

“Hey, Carla” he says sympathetically and I smile at him. He smiles back and I feel a tinge of guilt in my stomach. How come I couldn’t trust him in the first place? I feel really bad.

“Don’t feel bad about that! When I was first told that I was a merman, I didn’t believe Shelly...” he says glumly. I am annoyed that he read my mind again but something tells me not to go in to the subject about Shelly. I wonder what could have happened.

“I don’t like my mum. Except she is not my mum, is she? Well I know she is technically but that is not what a mum is. A mum is someone who knows you, has the same interests and is caring and loving. I don’t know that woman, I don’t have the same interests as her and I certainly don’t care or love her. She is just a woman, a horrible woman at that!” I say and I instantly regret saying it. This woman is the queen and Tai won’t understand. He will probably tell her and they will throw me in to an underwater dungeon. I bet Tai is actually her loyal knight or something.

“Is that what you think I would do?! “ Tai says. Oh gosh, I forgot about his gift again.

“You actually think I would grass on you, like that? You know what, if that is the person you think I am, you wouldn’t want to hang around someone like that now, would you!” he shouts and then swims rapidly off.

I sit down and wipe my eyes which are now spurting water everywhere. I walk towards some sort of playground which has a rock as a bench, a swing made of some kind of driftwood and a slide made of tiny krill. I know; weird right. The sign says that they carry you round or something similar!

 I sit down on the bench rock and my eyes feel heavy with tears. How could I think like that, Tai is the best friend I have ever had and I have only known him for a bit. I have wrecked it already and now I am alone in a world I am new to. I can’t go back to the care home, I don’t know where to go and a big monster is swimming over. Oh gosh a big monster is swimming over! I hide behind the rock but it is too late. I look closer and I realise it is a HippoDuctyl but it is not Becky.

“Well, Princess Carla Chase. I have been expecting you. Well actually I have been expecting to find you but same sort of thing.” The HippoDuctyl laughs coldly. It sends a shiver down my spine.

“I’m not a princess.” I say as I glare at the monster.

“Well your Mother is Queen, isn’t she? So I guess that makes you princess! Or are you too stupid to work that one out?” he says in a baby voice.

“She is not my mother and I am no Princess!” I shout as the HippoDuctyl walks round.

“Oh, someone a bit scared of their mother?!” he laughs and I shudder again.

“No! But just because we are related, it doesn’t mean she is a nice person!” I say.

“Oh, I suppose I don’t know how you feel. I love my mum, she is called Becky. I heard she is looking for you! Well, I suppose I could save you Becky. Don’t worry, with me you will hardly feel a thing!” he steps forwards. I throw a sea shell at its eye like I did for Becky but it just knocks it off and continues towards me. The creature pounces and I dodge it but it manages to sting my arm. My vision begins to get fuzzy but I stay strong and plead that I won’t pass out. The creature gets ready to pounce again and I close my eyes, I know I am about to die. Silence.  I open my eyes and see the HippoDuctyl lying on the floor. Tai is standing next to it.

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