Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


8. Kidnap


‘ Dear Carla Chase,

Don’t be alarmed. Don’t stop reading. Don’t call for help. Because if you do we won’t be held responsible for our actions. You now know how important you and your powers could be for the war we intend to start against the merpeople. Just having you will give us an advantage as I’m sure the queen will not want her little angel harmed. And she won’t be harmed. If she (you) do what us HippoDuctyl say. I’m sure you will be willing to co-operate because you wouldn’t want your beloved friend Tai to suffer. Would you? Don’t worry we don’t have him. But if you refuse to help us, we will make sure we do. Understand?

Outside is a Giant Squid. Jump on its back and it will take you to our castle. And remember Carla, don’t tell anyone. If someone asks where you are going say you are getting some paints for your ‘project’. Don’t try to run. Don’t try to hide. We have eyes everywhere.

Lots of love,

Becky x’

I dart backwards and lean on the desk. This can’t be happening to me. I lower my head to stop myself from fainting and resist the temptation to scream and shout for help. I know if I do, Tai, my mum and the entire merpeople nation will suffer for it. Nervously, I go outside. Like the letter said, a Giant squid is waiting. I climb on to its back after sneaking past the rest of the applicants. How could I be so stupid? If Tai was here he would have sent Alvin away as soon as he saw him. I knew he was weird but I had just flicked the feeling away.

The Giant squid stops outside a castle. It is nothing like my mum’s. The first thing I notice is the dark colours. Purple gates and a black wall surround the building and the building itself was painted a dark blue. Skeletons of fish were painted on to the black wall as if to ward off unwanted visitors and the white bars were stretched across the dingy windows. Is it possible that the water around the castle was colder than the rest of the sea? The whole place sent a shiver up my spine.

I stood up off the squid and started walking towards the gates. I felt a presence behind me and slowly I turned around. A HippoDuctyl with an oozy green eye and blue eyebrow pushes me on to my stomach. I squeal as I feel it handcuff my hands. I struggle helplessly as the green monster forces me back up. My arms hurt from the tight handcuffs and I feel sick as I realise I can’t even swim with my hands tied. Another HippoDuctyl swims forward to help drag me along. They pull me through the giant gate and up through the castle door.

“Our Queen will see you now” one of the HippoDuctyl sneers. The other one pushes me forcefully to my knees and I look up terrified. Oh great they have changed me back to Human. We must be in some sort of magic bubble. Then I see her. Becky. But she is not in her HippoDuctyl form to my relief. She is in her human form. They must be able to morph in to any animal they want I suppose but I can tell she thinks it would be more terrifying if she was in her care worker form. She was right.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Carla Chase. My old friend! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but I thought even you would have a bit more nerve. Didn’t try to battle any of the guards? Surprising. Unless you were too worried about your boyfriend, Tai. He is your boyfriend I suppose” Becky muses and then laughs.

“He isn’t my boyfriend and you are not my friend” I say harshly and Becky steps forward.

“Carla, you need to remember that you are in my castle, under my control and that you can’t do anything about it. Maybe, you should be considering who should be your friends” she said in a sickly sweet voice.

“So, I know that your boyfriend Tai probably told you about why we need you in our war for leadership. Have you come to a decision yet?” she continues. She pops a multi-coloured lollipop in to her mouth. The HippoDuctyl behind me puts its hand firmly on my shoulder so I can’t get up and run off I suppose.

“I will never ever work for you!” I shout at Becky. She raises her eyebrows at me and then signals for the guards to bring me closer. They pull me too my feet and drag me forward. I push and shove them but they are stronger than me. Becky leans forward to whisper in to my ear and takes the lollipop out of her red lipstick covered lips.

“Well we can’t have you on the merpeoples’s side, can we? So I’m afraid you will have to stay in our dungeon until you agree to help us. If you haven’t agreed by the time your Queen, oh sorry I mean your mummy, tries to attack, we will have to extract the powers from you. But don’t worry we will not do that unless we have too” Becky smiles cruelly. “Besides that would be harsh, it could hurt me when we do the Arabatha Ceremony. Well, it would hurt you as well but that doesn’t matter, because you would be dead in a couple of hours” she giggles insanely at the mention of my death.

I try to tilt my head away from her cold whisper but the HippoDuctyl keep me held.

“You sure you don’t want to just help us? After all, you wouldn’t die then.” Becky sneers and I weigh up my options. Either I help them and help kill all my family, friends and race or risk my life by refusing with the small possibility of killing my family, friends and race. Well at least the probability of my family, friends and race’s death was less on that one. After all, the Arabatha ceremony might not work. At least then they would not have my powers.

“Maybe, you misheard me Becky” I build up my confidence nervously. “I said never”

“Well that’s your decision I suppose. I would threaten your friends but I’m not a mean person” she laughs. “Take her away”, the guards come from behind and pull me away. ‘Not a mean person’ she said. If that is her not mean side I would hate to see the mean one! The HippoDuctyl unlock my handcuffs and push me in to a stone cell.

“Yeah, I can walk” I say sharply and one of the HippoDuctyl smiles at me nastily.

“Never said you couldn’t princess” he laughs and then slams the gate forcefully behind him. I hear the clink of the key lock the gate and start pacing round the cell. The stone is something hard like limestone which is one of those rocks that erodes quite quickly in fresh but not salt water. The gate seems to be made of some sort of metal. Possibly iron and I pull the gate to see if it would budge. I swim round and round the confined space seeing if there is any chance I can escape. I realise there is no point. Even if I manage to escape (which doesn’t seem likely), it will mean a nasty fate for my friends and family. If I escape, the HippoDuctyl will attack. There is only one thing I can do now. Sit and wait to die.



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