Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


5. Is Humanity so good?


My mum catches me as I fall backwards, her eyes wide with astonishment. Was I dreaming? I ask my mum.

“What just happened?” I ask. My mum looks scared and I notice all of the guests are backing out of the palace doors.

“No, this can’t be right. You can’t be!” she says and then follows the guests as they run out. I look around and only Tai is still here. His blue eyes seeping with terror.

“Tai?” I say and he signals me to be quiet.

“Sshh,  don’t talk. I think I know what has happened.” He says and puts his arm around me.

“You saw visions right? What were they?” he says and I think back.

“I saw a golden light and I saw pictures. .A fire burning.” I say and Tai looks at me grinning.

“I know who you are!” he shouts and I look at him quizzically.

“Well, duh! I’m Carla Chase!” I say.

“Well yeah but I mean who you are as in what are you. Carla, your power was overwhelming, a golden light shone around you. A light so terrifying it could only have been made by a great being. And by being, I mean Goddess. The HippoDuctyl took some genes of yours right, the ones that made you traceable on the mermaid detector. But they weren’t the genes they were looking for. You have some special genes. And by special I mean totally awesome. Let me tell you the story. A long time ago these waters were owned by Sirens. They are related to mermaids but totally evil and lure sailors to their deaths on rocks. Anyway, they were very rich and very powerful. They had a lot of treasure and the main treasure was ‘The Treasure of Kiynala’. It wasn’t just gold and silver and jewels. It was a lot more! Hidden in the chest were the powers of one of the Greek Gods. Obviously the Greek Gods still have their powers but their powers can be copied. It is almost certain there are copies of their powers throughout history but no one has ever found them. Except a Siren who was terrified and hid it in a chest for someone else. A person with the power of a God could set things alight, make hurricanes and earthquakes. But it wouldn’t be brilliant. Although you would be totally amazing you would also be in grave danger. A person with that power could destroy everything. They would be a great weapon!” Tai says and I shrug.

“And? Why are you telling me this?” I say ignorantly.

“Carla! You have the powers! It makes sense you see! Becky, your psycho care worker found the treasure!” Tai says and I shrug.

“Then why didn’t she have the power or whatever?” I ask.

“The powers can only be transferred in to a human or mermaid! Becky thought it would work but it didn’t and that is why a few miles away when a small baby was born the powers flew in to them! That baby was you Carla! That is why the HippoDuctyl want you on their side and they tried to kill you when they realised how stubborn you are! They didn’t want the merpeople to have you as a weapon! You’re basically a Goddess! They needed you! Obviously didn’t expect you to have an attitude!  ” Tai says smiling.

“Attitude! I don’t have an attitude!” I say and Tai frowns.

“Wait, you’re not surprised that you are a Goddess?” Tai says.

“Well, I didn’t think mermaids existed! What makes this any different?” I laugh.

“I suppose! But there is one thing we need to find out! Which God is your kind-of-almost-same-powers-kind-of-father? Zeus, maybe? You have the anger. Hermes? Hades? Could be Hades, type of God the HippoDuctyl would have liked.” He says.

“Wait, you have gods like the Greeks!” I say.

“Duh, Mermaids are Greek!” Tai says and I blush. I should have known that! I remember those boring history lessons when we had to research Greek myths and monsters. I did the Siren which is like an evil type of mermaid.

“Well, how can I find out which God I am related to?” I ask Tai. Suddenly my body glows again and my hand shines like the sun. Rays of light are sprayed in all directions and I look at Tai who is shielding his eyes. The light fades away.

“Well” says Tai, “I think we know who you are kind of related too!” he says and I look at his big grin.

“Who?” I ask.

“I think you are related to the God of the sun. Helios just told us!” he says and I gasp. I think back to those history lessons and try to remember about Helios. I remember that Helios pulled the sun across the sky with his golden chariot. But it can’t be true because we all know about gravity and the sun actually stays in the same place. I see Tai staring deep in to my eyes and I realise he is reading my mind. I pretend I haven’t noticed and then throw a clam at him. The clam is not very happy and then decided to call its mum. Tai manages to steer me away from the giant clam which is making a giant bite for me.

“Please don’t do that again!” he laughs and his brown hair falls over his eyes. He brushes it away.

“Well, please don’t read my mind like you said you wouldn’t again!” I say and Tai rolls his eyes. His eyes are not ordinary, they are as blue as the sea he swim sin and it is as if there is a little world of happiness floating in there.

“Ok,ok. Sorry! Can I just say that Clams don’t like to be used for throwing practice! I tried that once and it ate my brand new hat. It was a really nice hat as well! Not just a hat you get free from someone advertising baked beans ok! It said “Yo! I’m swimming next to Clam face!” on the front, oh, I see why the clam may not have liked it. Oh where were we?” he says when he realises I had switched off about ten minutes back.

“Uh, you were explaining what an idiot you are?” I say and Tai laughs.

“Actually, I studied at Athena’s Shrine academy so you will find that idiot is not in my vocabulary!” he says.

“Exactly, your such an idiot you don’t know what you are!”I laugh.

“Back to the point, gravity, sun, Helios, non existence...” I begin and Tai buts in.

“Oh yeah, I remember. The sun is the chariot, gravity is made by the chariot to trick stupid humans in to minding their own business. Actually, that was Helios’s own fault. He got sacked by Zeus for a bit because he was flirting with Zeus’s wife but we won’t get in to that! Anyway, Helios got so mad he made the gravity spell and now people think it is a better theory. Completely wrong of course until the 1500’s but as Helios got fired he just hangs around with the mermaids. Poseidon was always a pushover when it came to Helios. I think he thought it would improve his popularity status so in summer solstice he could try become king of the Gods!” Tai starts giggling but I’m not. Stupid humans? How could he? I may not be one but I used to be and no one talks about my old species like that.

“Stupid humans? We are not the ones who have a tail and smell like sardines!” I shout and Tai swims back startled by my sudden outburst,.

“Uh, sorry Carla. I forgot you were one before, but you weren’t really. I mean you really want to hang around with apes? You are part of the superior species! You should be proud!” Tai says but the hole he is digging is going to swallow him whole in a minute, or I will bury him in it! Metaphorically speaking of course! Though maybe...

“Apes? Superior Species? Who are you, Hitler? Because you sound a lot like him at the moment, Tai. What has your species done for this world? We have grown as a species instead of swimming around gaily as if there is no such thing as pollution, or global warming!” I say and Tai begins to shout.

“So global warming is our fault? Pollution is our fault? We have not even contributed to global warming! We use Hydro- power! It was the apes, Carla! It was the damn apes who wrecked this planet and killed it! They stabbed it in the heart and you say they are good?” he shouts and I stumble on a small rock. I pick it up- weighing it in my clenched fist.

“Our species have done more good things then bad things for our planet and if you think that doing nothing is the way forward you must be dumber then you look! If helping our planet, improving our planet and building our planet means a few things need to be sacrificed or there are a few consequences then we will keep on going. Because we are improving, it may be a small step at a time but it is something! Instead of sitting on a rock combing your hair for centuries!” I shout and tears well up in my eyes.

“You think we do nothing?! Carla, look around you. Look at the sea; it is not all natural you know! We do have to work hard as well in maintaining the ocean! Instead of wrecking the earth!” he says and I clench my fist only to realise the small pebble is still cupped in my hand. Did he not even listen to what I had to say! Did he not even listen! My emotion turns in to anger, deep red hot anger. Building up inside me, just waiting for something to make it burst out.

“Thick, stupid Apes...” Tai mutters under his breath quietly. But not quite enough. Because I heard. That deep anger burning me inside, thriving on my hatred and pushing up towards my arm. Arm? I look down and see the small pebble. Now burning hot, fire covers it but I’m not burnt. I feel my anger, I feel my powers, the Godly powers, I feel myself lifting my arm and I see the burning pebble hurtle towards Tai.

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