Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


12. Carla's Last Words



Isn’t it weird how you can think your whole world has collapsed in front of you? No mates, no home, no life and a monster as a care worker. When I was told by a handsome boy with brown hair and the cheekiest of smiles that I was a mermaid, I didn’t believe him. I thought he was a nutter! But then my small destructive world fell again as I realised it was true. And the hole was so big it just kept tearing. Killer care workers, green oozy monsters and the mum I thought was hell. But that boy. That handsome boy with brown hair and the cheekiest of smile saved my life, saved my world and fixed the hole that was eating up my whole life. I now have the family I couldn’t even have dreamed of before. I have a mum, a dad, and the best boyfriend I could want. But although I know Becky is gone, locked away somewhere and all the HippoDuctyl are behaving I feel that this happiness won’t last. Something is coming... Maybe it is just me but I can feel it. Maybe I am worrying over nothing but I have the feeling I should enjoy this happiness while it lasts. Because luck can change in the blink of an eye. Something is coming, something powerful, something bad...

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