Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


6. Apologies


Tai is lying unconscious in the Sea Star Hospital. The walls are cream and the tiles are so clean I can see my reflection in them.  The fiery pebble had hit his tail and we are awaiting the doctor who will deliver the results. My eyes feel heavy with tears but no one can see them because of the swirling water around us.

“Sit down” the doctor says and my mother and I sit on a nearby rock. She puts her arm around me as the doctor sits down but I know she is feeling disappointed in me and shocked. Snap, I’m feeling a little shocked at me as well.

“Your Helios powers singed Tai badly and it is uncertain whether he will have enough strength to heal his tail. A merman or maid only has a certain amount of power and due to Tai’s early mermantion he has less than other people.” The doctor says and I gasp. How could I have done this? What kind of crazed monster am I? The thought drifts away from my head but I know it will be back. I am a monster, I spoil everything.

“What happens if he can’t heal it” I ask. The doctor hesitates as if he does not want to tell me but he carries on.

“The burn from the pebble is so bad; he may not be able to swim. He will have to live as a human.” The doctor says and I start crying. It is true, I am a monster. Living with Becky must have rubbed off on me. I hear someone mumble and I open my teary eyes to see a figure sitting up on the bed. Tai smiles at me.

“Tai!” I say and run over. Accidently knocking a vase on to him.

“Ow!” he says and I see the burn mark still on his tail.

“Sorry!” I say. “No, really I am sorry. For everything. It just went all blurry and I could feel myself burning inside. You just made me so angry and protective. I don’t know what happened, I just felt the pebble in my hand and it was on fire. I must be some type of Monster Tai! I don’t know what I was thinking and...”

“Hey, stop blaming it on you.  It was my fault. I should have thought about humans more. They aren’t monsters, and you aren’t one either Carla. Humans do good things and they are trying to help our planet Besides, I should be aware of princess goddess’s!” he says and as he speaks I see his tail slowly heal. The scales glow bright blue and the water swirls around magically. His tail turns back to normal. I hug him and he laughs.

“Hey, I’m fine, I’m fine!” he says and hugs me back. “But we really need to get a move on, everyone now knows about the father of your powers and there is no doubt that the HippoDuctyl will react. You are not safe, Carla Chase. We need to find a way to stop the HippoDuctyl from forcing you to join them. If they do it could cause the greatest war ever. I don’t just mean the mermaids and HippoDuctyl, the power is so big it could even wipe out all life from planet earth. Everything, gone. And just so the HippoDuctyl can rule the planet. If they start this war there will be no planet to rule.” Tai says and the whole happy feeling in my stomach turns in to pure fear. Fear of the HippoDuctyl, fear of my own explosive powers and fear of how the world could be over in the blink of an eye.

“Well” I say, “We better get a move on”

“Move on doing what?” Tai asks. My mouth curves in to a sly grin.

“Building a new army, of course!” I say. Tai looks puzzled and then his mouth curls upwards and I imagine a cartoon light bulb appearing over his head.

“That is a brilliant idea. The HippoDuctyl are sure to attack at any moment. Night or day. They will try to abduct you so they can force you to be there weapon. They might try to extract your powers for themselves but that would involve killing you and might not work, then it would be a waste because the powers would be lost forever.” Tai says calmly as if he just said we were having pizza for tea.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You never said anything about killing. You said they would force me to work for them not kill me and take my powers!” I shriek.

“Yeah, I was telling the truth! They will probably try and force you but if you don’t help them...” Tai stops in mid flow.

“If I don’t help them they will what?” I ask quizzically.

“They will perform the Arabatha ceremony. The Arabatha ceremony is when the person who wants to gain the powers will say a spell that will extract the powers, but will also kill the person. But sometimes the powers can remain in the body and are then lost forever, but they might still do the ceremony if they think there is no other way. Your powers are valuable, Carla. More valuable than any others around at the moment. Especially at this horrid time. Both sides are growing even more powerful. A war is brewing and you will decide who wins or not” Tai says and I breath heavily at the thought of the entire future of the planet on my shoulders. I try to take all this information in. I had just thought the big green monsters would tell me to help them and I could refuse. I hadn’t thought about what they might do It seemed so weird, I had always liked Becky, she was nice.

“Yeah, HippoDuctyl seem to have a way of persuasion” Tai says reading my mind and I scowl at him. He shuffles around guiltily and I decide to drop the accusation.

“Hang on, does that mean that the merpeople want me on their side as well?” I ask.

“Of course, but they wouldn’t make you. You are their race and Princess so you are expected to serve for them. They know the HippoDuctyl are trying to catch you so they have appointed ten bodyguards on each shift to protect you” Tai says and my eyes dart around.

“I can’t see ten bodyguards!” I say and Tai starts laughing: his head lollops up and down as he does so.

“They would not be very good bodyguards if people knew where they were all the time, would they?” Tai says. He whispers in to my ear. “Two are behind the squid over there, two are watching from above, three are behind the big rock and two are invisible right in front of you!” He smiles and I reach my hand out. Muffled cries of ‘ouch!’ and ‘Mind it!’ ring out and I quickly pull away. The realisation that my life really is in danger hits me.

“Ok that is crazy. But you said there were ten people guarding me, where is the tenth?” I ask smartly.

“He is right in front of you, your majesty!”  Tai laughs and bows. I smile and try to look pleased but in truth I am not. Tai is risking his life for me? All of these people are as well then?

“Cool!” I say and Tai stares at me with a blank face.

“Cool? I think it is more lukewarm than cool, really...” he says swishing his hand through the water and then notices me burst in to laughter.

“I’m sorry Tai but that is funny! Cool means ‘ace’ or ‘great’!” I say and Tai blushes.

“Uh, I knew that. Just kidding with you, wasn’t I!” he says but you can tell he is embarrassed by his now beetroot coloured face.

“Anyway, how are we going to find hundreds of soldiers for the army?” I ask.

“That is a good question. Your mother barely wants you to leave the castle as it is and I don’t think she is going to be too happy if you are wondering around the sea looking for strong and scary sea monsters is she? No, I will have to go by myself” he says and I think for a second.

“Uh, no way Jose! I am coming with you whether you like it or not ‘Mr I’m a bodyguard and it is my duty to serve’!” I say and Tai swims to a rock. He rests on it and looks thoughtful.

“Well, ok then but your mother must not know, she will go bonkers if she hears of this and I might get demoted from bodyguard to manservant! I like you and your mother but she is my Queen and no I shouldn’t do this. No.” He says. I swim towards Tai who is sitting on the rock.

“Hey, I am your princess, soon to be Queen I presume” I say sternly and Tai rises and bows again. This time seriously.

“Yes maam” he stutters.

“Ok! Come on, do it for the Halibut! Get it? Hell of it, Halibut, there are loads of fish” I say cheerfully and we head back to the castle. Tai laughing behind me. We have a feast so grand and the winner of ‘The C Factor’ (get it C, like sea!) came to sing our national anthem. This is what it goes like.

“Once a merperson,

A merperson at heart.

Ever swimming, ever glowing,

Like the sun’s reflection at the start.

Of all creation and wonder true,

There is always a merperson deep inside you.”

This is when I start crying and I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to save myself from major embarrassment, I don’t think it worked as when I entered back in to the grand hall everyone came up to me offering their handkerchiefs. Tai smiles and brings one of his over jokingly. I throw it back in his face and he pretends to fall over in slow motion.

“Right, so where do we start in finding an army?” I ask and Tai scratches his head while thinking.“We need to be quiet we don’t want anyone to hear. Remember there are Bodyguards all around so we need to whisper. What about leaflets, posters, that sort of thing!” I say enthusiastically. Tai giggles.

“What’s funny?”  I ask.

“Hey have you not noticed we are in the sea. And the sea is very wet! Little wittle leaflets will go a wittle bit soggy!” he says in a baby voice. I kick him.

“ Have you not noticed that we are in a castle that is dry!” I laugh.

“That is because we are inside a dry bubble which cost about ten million shells and if we wanted to get about twenty million leaflets it would cost a billion to get twenty million small air bubbles for each individual leaflet. No, no it wouldn’t work. We need something better!” he says and I look around the room for inspiration. My eyes focus on Glenda, the C factor winner, and an idea pops in to my head.

“Auditions!” I shout and the whole room turns around. Oops. Luckily Tai shouts something about free lemonade and everyone runs to the drink table. I blush a shade of magenta.

“Auditions?” Tai asks as the chatter begins to rise again.

“Yeah, like the C factor! Then we can see how good they are at fighting and if they are psycho spies or not!” I say cheerfully. We quieten our voices as mum walks past. She smiles and looks like she is coming over but luckily Prince Benedict (my cousin) calls her over.

“That is possibly the cleverest thing you have ever said to me, maybe I should note it down as it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Tai laughs and I whack him on the arm with a pink cushion that is sitting on the settee. The cushion screams and floats off.

“Hey, sorry but please don’t take it out on the squid!” Tai laughs as my face turns in to horror and the small squid floats to its giant mother. I mouth ‘sorry’ at the giant squid and it quickly hurries its kid off.

 “I’m joking anyway! That is a really good idea though. I can spread the word while you are safe in the castle auditioning the soldiers!” Tai says. “But where would you host the auditions? And if everyone is talking about it, your mum is sure to find out!”

“That’s a good question; maybe we could try the basement! My mum keeps moaning about how she will never go in because of all the junk in there. We could say that we are cleaning it out as a favour! And we could make everyone sign an agreement saying that they won’t ever speak of the auditions again.” I say smartly, hoping that the overwhelming amount of pride I am feeling won’t reach my voice. Tai nods his head and looks impressed..

“ Very good, chimp” he says and I scowl harshly at him.

“Aw sorry chimp, I was only joking!” he grins. “But seriously, how are we going to persuade your mother to let us do this decoration project. No offence intended but she is very stubborn!” He says and I look at him, he frowns. “What?”

“I am my mother’s daughter you know!” I grin. “Don’t think the skill of arguing, persuading and stubbornness doesn’t run in the family!”

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