Inevitable- Carla Chase

It's basically a story I wrote about three years ago. It is a fantasy about a girl in care who finds out she's something else.., made for teens. Not a fairy story. Would like some general feedback on it, really. :)


1. New Beginnings



Chapter one


 I didn’t mean to set fire to family number four’s house, it just kind of happened. I accidently kicked the kitchen roll in to the fireplace and forgot to call the firemen. I am sure it happens all the time. And obviously those Harvey Nichols chocolates, which belonged to my foster family five, in the cupboard weren’t eaten by me! They were eaten by my secret rabbit, Humphrey, who didn’t mean to eat them he just sort of escaped and ran around the house knocking things over and chewing everything. Rabbits do what they want! Who am I to mess with the rabbit characteristics? Unfortunately they took Humphrey away to be sold after that... well actually I set him free into the wild. What? I didn’t want him to end up with some spoilt rich kid. Why should they have what I don’t? But I am afraid to say (I am not actually, I hated those foster parents!) I have been moved back to Sunnyway Care home. Well, it was bound to happen eventually!  Though I got out of this house in a new record of twenty minutes! Last time I was going to live with the Tree family (family number six), but they were always out partying and clubbing (which I didn’t mind too much because Mr Tree always stank of stale beer and old cigarettes) and I got a bit lonely and there was hardly any food in the house) so I didn’t want to hang around there long. They only wanted me because of the money they got for keeping me but the minor accident sent me back. Okay, sure it wasn’t too minor, but anyone can accidently swap the sweet jar contents (which seemed to be Mrs Tree’s favourite thing ever) with the fishing bait jar contents, right? But after five house fires, three minor accidents and nine other incidents which we will not go in to; it seemed like there was no family that would ever want me.

Oh yeah by the way, I’m Carla Chase. Bad name, right? I mean how tacky does it sound? - I’m no superhero or monster or anything. I’m a normal girl living in a chaotic and weird world. I’m not the weird one, everyone else is weird. What is a normal care kid meant to do with an alliterative name like that? Of course I never knew Mrs and Mr Chase. Well not really anyway. Becky said when I was found on the Care Home doorstep there was a note with my name on it. Weird that the two cruel people who must have abandoned me a day or two after I was born, gave me such a cruel name.

But there was one thing I loved doing and no one could do anything to stop me from doing it. Swimming.  And I am good at it too, I am not just being arrogant, I am really good at swimming. It is as if the water is air and I am a fly who gently swerves through it. That is definitely a bad simile or metaphor or whatever. But obviously because I am thirteen years old and stuck in a care home, my swimming time is limited and nobody knows how good I am.

I got out of the BMW black car and swung my packed bags over my shoulder. I could hear my small amount of clothes tossing around as I threw the rucksack up and down and I tried to avoid Becky’s face. It was too hard, I turned around as she locked the car and our eyes caught. Her disappointed face stared back at me and I almost felt bad. Becky is the care home leader and she is really nice. She doesn’t get a lot of respect from the other kids but I have known her longer.  She can frown at me like she is doing now and I feel as if I have just kicked her in the shin. But even though I have known Becky all my life, she still manages to look exactly like she did years ago. She has black hair that flows around her shoulders and a pale complexion. She is much prettier then I am and always has the male care workers in the house drooling all over her. I have always found it odd how she doesn’t seem to be over twenty or twenty five years old yet she has always been here while I have.

“What?” I say as I stopped throwing my bag up. Becky sighed as I kicked the gravel and it narrowly misses her face.

“Carla, I know it is hard for you but you need to settle down sometime, get a normal life!”  Becky said as a mini fridge flew down from Mikeys room.  Becky turned around, tutted and then focused back on me.

“Carla? Are you even listening?” she says as I kicked another piece of gravel. I decided that if she didn’t even bother to see why the mini fridge flew down from the window, it doesn’t really look like she is going to give up on this conversation so I decide to get it over with.

“There is no one who will ever want me, Becky! Don’t you get that? I was thrown in to Sunnyway care home the day after I was born, left on the doorstep like a bag of rotten rubbish and I am still here at the age of 13! If it is so easy to get new families, why am I still here? Oh I will tell you why! Because I am a loser who is never going to get a home, I don’t fit in anywhere and everyone knows it! All of the other kids go in less than a year or even half a year. I am probably a psycho and you are just too nice to tell me! But I want you to tell me! Just tell me the truth instead of making up stuff! I want the truth, so what is it? Come on, why am I different!?” I wait for a reply but there is none. Becky shifts awkwardly from one foot to the other. Probably because of my sudden outburst but to be honest I am just sick of lies!

My whole life seems to be lies piling on top of lies on top of lies! It is like everywhere I step I find a lie underneath my foot! And for some reason I think there is a hidden lie somewhere. One which is bigger than any lie I have ever been told. And the sad thing is, I have a feeling it will blow my world apart. It sounds silly really, why would anything interesting ever happen to an orphan? But for some odd reason- I really believe the whole truth hasn’t come out and I will not stop till I find out what it is. I need to get away from this place once and for all so I can do some research and find out who I really am! For some reason I think this place stops me doing that. This place is creepy! Becky hasn’t told me- I can see it in her eyes. Whenever I try and get away from this stupid care home I just end up back again! I’m like a boomerang! But not this time- I’m not going to bother with getting a foster family- I will make my own way out of here.

When I was three years old, I asked where I was from and why I was dumped. They told me I was special and that I was left in a basket outside the care home when I was one day old. I suppose I just put it towards one side and forgot about it. But now I want answers and I won’t stop until I find them! I am sure Becky is hiding something and it hurts me, I have trusted her all my life and I thought she trusted me. But if she won’t tell me what she is hiding, I must have got the wrong idea about her. I shivered at this thought and spun it away, like a boomerang, it came right back to haunt me.

I run upstairs and look at my bedroom. Cream walls with cream carpet. It makes me sick really; it looks like a hospital ward. I stare down at the bags in my hand. All my life was in those bags- a couple of lame t-shirts three sizes too small and a pair of scruffy jeans. What could I do with just that? The idea suddenly formed in my head and I imagined a cartoon light bulb appearing over it. I peered out the window but Becky wasn’t there. This was good. The window was slightly too small but I am not large. I could possibly fit through it.... I carefully opened the lock without making a sound and peered down through the window. I felt dizzy. It was quite high but if I was clever I could use the drainpipe to grab hold of it. I checked again for any signs of any of the other kids or see if Becky was there. The coast was clear. I opened the window and carefully lowered myself out being careful not to slip. It had rained earlier and I figured I should probably have used a tissue to wipe window sill and pipe first. Oh well, it was too late now. My feet began to slip off the window sill and I gasped as they kicked in the air- searching for something to grip on. There was only one thing I could do. Let go.

I let my hands slide off the window and immediately I began to fall- faster than I thought. Instinctively I lashed out with both my hands and feet and luckily caught the drain pipe with my right hand. I breathed heavily and hung still as my feet clattered against the wall- pain shot up my leg and I cursed. I hope Becky didn’t hear- I could imagine her walking out with me hanging from a drainpipe any second now. I could just about throw my rucksack on to the floor and use it to jump on. I jumped. I landed awkwardly on the leg I had previously hurt and I fought not to make a sound. Even the smallest one could let somebody know I was here and for all I know Becky could have heard me before. I did a half run half limp towards the gates. I was getting out of here for good- I could go and find a nice bus shelter to live in. Maybe near a river so I could practise my swimming. It would be fine. I reached for the iron lock on the gates. My heart skipped a beat. It was locked. All that trouble for nothing. I turned around as I heard the unmistakable clip clap of heels behind me on the gravel.

“Going somewhere Carla?” said Becky innocently. She had the keys in her hand. “I thought you’d have realised by now- I always have the keys in my pocket.”

“Oh come on! Can’t you just open the gate and let me run off? It would save you a lot of hassle because I’m getting out of here for good! That’s a promise!” I say and put my hands across my chest. Becky looks at me with a scowl.

“What happened to you?” Becky asks and I frown.

“Oh my leg- lost my footing on the-“

“No I mean generally personality wise. You used to be such an innocent hardworking girl. You could have done great things, Carla!” Becky interrupts. That hurt me deeply, was she saying I wasn’t hard working? Was she saying I can’t do great things now?

“What do you mean?” I shout angrily.

“I mean that you are now a spoilt little brat who thinks they can just leave whenever they want! You’re a kid Carla! I can’t handle it when you don’t even know what you mean to me!” Becky snarls back.

“Oh right so now you are going to say you love me- you are a mum to me, is that it, Becky?” I shout angrily. “Because you lie!”

“Of course I don’t think of you as my kid! That is a repulsive idea! Don’t get all soppy Carla because you have no idea what I am even talking about!” Becky shouts and I feel a bit shocked. I had never seen this side of Becky before...

“Well what are you talking about then?! You say all this stuff about how I mean a lot to you and I can’t leave because you need me here then why don’t you tell me why? Just tell me!” This time I am screaming at her. She is silent as if weighing up the pros and cons in her head- deciding whether she should tell me what she is hiding. She turns- her expression is of hate and I feel like my heart is going to explode.

“Carla. You get to your room now before I take you up there myself” Becky says harshly. I couldn’t believe how Becky was acting! Her tone of voice made it clear. This was a threat.



I run upstairs without looking back and flop on my bed. I close my eyes and try to do some calming exercises. I can’t believe Becky- she acts as if she is your friend and then acts all like a care worker- typical. Why can’t she just tell me who I am? Oh yeah, by the way I had to go to a psychologist when I was seven because of the whole explosion in the swimming pool but we won’t go in to that. Anyway, she told me that I should think of calm things to help me with anger management. I nearly threw her psychology book at her when she said that! Anger management! Like I have anger management problems! Anyway, so at the moment I am trying to picture the blue calm sea on a gorgeous beach. The wind sweeps my hair to the side and salty spray is sprinkled on to my face.  I have no idea how I can actually imagine a beach, seeing as I have never actually been to one.  I was going to go to one with family number three but the whole wall removal episode made sure that I was back in Sunnyway after five days. If I want a bigger bedroom, I should get a bigger bedroom, right? It isn’t like they couldn’t afford it; they got tonnes of money for looking after me, why should they spend it on ghastly cigarettes and rotten beer. Even when I tried to have some beer they said I was too young. I may be short but I am a lot more mature than them. Anyway... back to my seaside. Calm waves, rocking the shore like a thousand blue crystals rolling calmly on to cookie crumb sand. Palm trees standing alone and tall like pillars that have stood for a hundred years. The sun raises high above them as they stare bewildered at the dancing crabs that swing and walk sideways, in time to the beating of the golden sun... but now the waves were getting bigger. Swallowing the crabs and rushing towards me. I try to run but the waves are towering towards me and I feel like I am stuck. The sand swirls around my feet or... tail? - Pushing it down- trapping it. The water reaching me, shouting to me, calling me, or is it warning me?

A knock on the door sends the ocean spray in to my eyes and my brain back in to reality.

“Go away, Becky! I don’t want to hear it!” I say as a saltwater tear trickles down my face. I thump the pillow in anger. A cloud of feathers rise and settle on the ruined remains.

“Carla, it is time you heard the truth” I hear Becky say, I turn around to face the door. Something is wrong; Becky’s voice is stern. My body suddenly turns rigid and I don’t know why. A feeling.... something is very wrong. Nervously, I sit up to face Becky. But Becky is not there; my palms feel wet as sweat trickles down the lines engraved in them, instead where Becky was standing, is a scaly, green ... MONSTER! I dart backwards on my bed towards the wall. I can feel the cold against my back and realise the window is still open. Could I get out of there fast enough? The monster has an eye like a Cyclops and skin like green leather. I close my eyes and breathe heavily; Ok I am imagining a weird green thing in my room.  Maybe, I do need to see a psychologist! I open my eyes again but the terrifying view is the same and I am not imagining it.

“What what are you?” I say nervously as I clutch my new Benefit lip gloss, I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I think it might be good for self defence. Oh great, I am going totally insane, crazy farm here I come. The monster stands up on its hind legs- watching my every move with its beady eye. It rubs its claws viciously together as if waiting for a delicious meal.

“I’m your worst enemy, a HippoDuctyl and your care worker! Any care kids’ dream, eh?” the monster laughs manically. I step backwards as I take it all in. Becky is... Becky is that?! I scream as the reality hits me but no sound comes out. Instead, my throat feels as if it is closing in on itself. My brain feels like it is trying to rewrite the scene in front of me, trying to find some sense in this mad view.

“Becky? But you are... I mean you are...” I hesitate and rub my eyes again as if doing so will melt the image away. But even with my eyes closed I can see the image in my mind. The image of a monster-The image of Becky.

“Oh spit it out Carla Chase, yes, I am not actually a stupid care worker but I had to get you to trust me.  It was all a plan to stop you from seeing the truth but now you are a liability. You were so close to finding out about yourself! You see, we have to stop you. If the others find you they can use you against us. You ask too many questions and that is not good for me and the HippoDuctyl. You could have been great with us but you spoilt it all. Typical teenage girl. I’m afraid your fate is inevitable. It could have been different if you had been a good little girl but you try and run away! The others would have found you and used you! I had to keep you near all the time until your powers would come through. I made you think you had gone to Foster Family’s but I’m afraid I was in complete control of it all!” Becky snarled.

“What! So you made the fire, the explosion, all of it?” I say with utter disbelief.

“Yes of course! You would never have escaped from here Carla! I watch you all the time! We can’t use you yet, you are not ready. The others would ruin our whole plan. Sorry Carla Chase but as I said- Inevitable!” she laughs wickedly and I step back as her scaly claw lashes out at me. Without thinking I throw the Benefit lip gloss at her one eye. She steps back and squeals as a oozing green liquid comes pouring out of her eye. I dodge her as she makes another grab for me and I run down the stairs. Hang on, what about the other kids? They are now stuck with a maniac dragonish care worker on the loose! I push the fire alarm and wait for the kids to come rushing down the stairs but no one comes.

“Come on!” I shout loudly as I hear scrabbling come from the stairs. But another scene startles my brain. Instead of the twenty kids from the care home, twenty more monsters come racing down like a pack of lions circling their vulnerable prey. I scream as I try to unlock the door but they have me cornered, I gasp as they lash out and I hold my breath. This is it, I am going to die.

The next bit was blurry, I dreamt of weird things, of mermaids and mermen and seahorses that talked. I heard voices echoing through my mind and someone was shaking me softly. My limbs felt numb and broken as if all their power had been sucked out of them.

“Carla?” A boy’s voice wakes me up and I open my eyes. My mind spins round with the speed of a lightning bolt.

“What, who are you?” I say as I try to sit up, but my body collapses and I feel like my strength falling beneath me.

“Easy, easy, you have been poisoned by the HippoDuctyl, don’t try and move because it won’t work.  I teleported you here but I am afraid I was a bit late! That’s all my teleportation magic gone! My name is Tai” the boy said. I would say he was about 15 years old and he was very athletic. He had muscles of a swimmer and his blue tank top showed he had a six pack as a result of his swimming. He had brown windswept hair and he had some brown freckles dotted around his face as if he had sprinkled sand on his pale cheeks.

“What happened? I had a weird dream about my care worker being a hippo.... wait a minute, you just said HippoDuctyl! Are you saying it was real? How did I get here? I don’t understand!” I gasp as Tai looks puzzled. His brow furrows deeply.

“Ah you mean Becky, she is so beautiful, shame about the whole monster thing...hang on you mean, you don’t know?” he gasps and I frown.

“Know what?” I say with a puzzled look on my face.

“Know that you are a mermaid!” he says as if I am dumb. I look at his serious face and it takes me a while to take in what he has just said.

“Ha ha, oh you’re funny!” I laugh, but his face is the same as if it is carved in stone.

“No, I am serious! You are one of the daughters of Derceto! And no it doesn’t mean Derceto is your actual mum but probably one of your ancestors. How can you not know? Oh, did the HippoDuctyl not tell you? Oh, well I will take you to your actual mother. Not Derceto. Ha!” he says cheerfully and I start laughing nervously again.

“I’m not coming with you!” I yell. “I am not a mermaid!”

“Oh really, well how come you are breathing!” he says,

“Well duh! I am a Human...” my heart skips a beat as I realise what he means.  I flick my hand as a bubble moves through the air. No, not air, water. I am breathing in water, I am standing in water, I am ... fainting in water, I realise as the world closes in and my eyelids fall on to my eyes. 

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