Without You

Rebecca's parents are alcoholics and play bingo and poker. They didn't have enough money to spend on her, they sent her to live with her Aunt Shelly. She meets One Direction. Will she put two of the boys against each others ?


1. Good Bye

Rebecca's P.O.V:

I knocked on the door. My mom opened it a beer bottle in her hands, like usual. Their alcoholics, and always go to clubs. They never talk to me or care about me, but the most important is they don't beat me. My dad was sitting on he couch counting some bucks. Before I go to my room, my mom grabbed me by the wrist as I faced her.

"You're leaving for you're stupid Aunt Shelly's house at 6:00 tomorrow, this you're ticket," she handed me the ticket. She took a last sip of her beer and dropped it on the floor.

"Clean up," My dad said smirking. He took his bucks and leaved with my mum. It was 10:00 now, I cleaned up and headed to my small room. I took my bag and started packing my few clothes. My only pair of tennis shoes, my two jeans and five shirts. I took my phone and put the alarm on 4:00 AM. I slept on my uncomfortable bed thinking of the big day tomorrow.

'Beep Beep Beep' 

I woke up restless from all the excitement, I hoped to an cold shower and slipped my clothes on. I did my hair in a messy bun to dry it. I took my baggage and headed to the door without turning back. I called a cab, I watch the roads for the last time and sighed happily. He finally came, I sat on the passenger seat. It took 30 minutes to the airport, I payed him and thanked him.

My flight is in an hour, I got to Duty Free and took a coffee. I drank it as the hostess announced that the flight to London is leaving in 10 minutes. I turned my heels and walked to the plane. I entered and hoped to my seat. It was near the window. I took my small phone and started checking if I had any messages from my parents, none. I slept on ' I'm in too you' J Lo. 

I felt someone shaking me gently. "Miss, the plane has landed," The hostess said.

"Thank you," I smiled at her and exited the plane. The summer London breeze breathed in my face. I smiled and called a cab, and told him the direction. After 1 hour he stopped in front of an enormous house. Huge house. My aunt was Shelly Grant, the famous designer. (I totally make it) I took the key that my mom gave me and unlocked the door. A huge living room, HUGE everything. The house was beautiful and HUGE. I saw a note :

'Hey Rebecca, It's Auntie ! I'm coming at 8:00 PM to join you and there's a present for you ! Go to you're room upstairs made it just for you and you'll see the box on the desk. There's you're walk in closet and you're name is on the door. Aunt Shelly' xx

I smiled at how sweet she was. I headed upstairs and saw my name on a door. I walked in and saw my HUGE room. A California king bed size, the walls we're paint in my favorite color, light purple. I saw my closet, it's like a mall. Bikinis, jewelries, shirt, dresses, jeans and shoes. There's was a balcony connected to it and a bathroom. All the makeup, and curling iron and a straightening one and a dryer. I took a strapless white shirt with a pink ribbon in the middle, a jeans short and a white high heels. I never tried high heels, but I want now. I hoped to the hot shower. Hot water made me feel so good. I finished, I wrapped a towel around my body and dried my hair. I slipped my clothes on and straightened my hair. It looked perfect, as I did my makeup for the first time. I felt beautiful today.

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