Living the high life

Spoilt little brat Alice Maurellio has ended up in Canada from her birthplace in England. Despite her desire to enter a private school, she gets ditched in a boarding school by social services for her to realise the reality of life. Will she ever find where she belongs?


2. Stuck in Canada

This is like prison. I'm trapped in stupid America where nothing is perfect. There aren't slaves, nor big bedrooms, nor flat screen TVs. Don't know how I'm supposed to live here.
You may be thinking I'm a spoilt brat. Had it a lot in my old school. Well, a spoilt brat wouldn't have agreed to come here in the first place. Not that I want to. I lived with my ma and pa in a beautiful villa in Dorset where the sun shone brightly and I was blessed with wealth. I had a private tutor, ma thought the education in secondary schools was horrid. Don't ask. Graffiti all over the walls and beer cans littering the playground, and not a single studious person. They called clever people nerds, and apparently it was like a criminal offence to be one.

They had no respect for teachers as we could clearly see when I went there. Paper aeroplanes all over the place. When I told ma that they looked fun she went mad.
"No!" she says. "Non, ma cherie, the place is horrible. We must find you better education elsewhere. I do not care if I have to travel all over the world, you will get the best education!"
When ma says something, she means it. And so her search for a better school began. Once my father passed away when I was 12, she had had enough. She couldn't look after me as father had left behind only some small savings. Ma sent me to live with grandma, and here I am, in her cottage in Canada. Grandma was in charge of sorting out. Education. I just hoped that she would pick St Bennets Private school, one of the top most, dignified schools in Canada. But no. She chose this weird boarding school a million miles away from home, somewhere in the middle of Canada. It's name is Bishop Clarke boarding school. I've been told that boarding schools are horrible, that they are advantage of the fact that you live there and make you do sums until 11pm at night. They feed you horrible junk stuff and you have to sort all your clothes by yourself. No slaves, no help, no nice.
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