Living the high life

Spoilt little brat Alice Maurellio has ended up in Canada from her birthplace in England. Despite her desire to enter a private school, she gets ditched in a boarding school by social services for her to realise the reality of life. Will she ever find where she belongs?


1. Living the high life

'Living the high life.' What does this sentence mean to you? To some it may mean living posh, living affluently. For others it may mean just being lucky. Being lucky doesn't always have to be because of a good thing. For instance, a robber might think he was living the high life because he stole a sports car. Either way, he wouldn't be living the high life for long, because no-one can roam around with a sports car that everyone has known to be stolen. Someone would find him. So what I'm trying to say is that you can't always live the high life. Just like Alice Maurellio, a young girl who finally learnt that life isn't all about living affluentlya nd peacefully. If it was, there wouldn't be any point in life, would there?

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