I'm in love with you and all these little things

Heyy So this is about a girl named skylar who for vacation goes out to Ireland for the summer to see her family. Along with a lovely blonde haired boy that she meets on the plane named Niall Horan. They hit it off right from the start but with his travel is it possible to keep a relationship going? Find out in I'm in live with you and all these little things


1. Plane

I sat in the airport for a good three hours just waiting for them to call flight 64 mullinger Ireland. I fell asleep soon after then woke up to a very attractive blonde haired boy who I had Allen asleep on his shoulder. "oh I am so sorry." "Its ok I'm Niall, Niall horan". "hi I'm skylar". We continued talking for a good 30 minutes before a announcement came on the speaker. "Flight 64 to mullinger Ireland you may now board. I stood up and grabbed my suitcase "well that's me". "wait I going there to skylar wait up!". I guess we where really good friends because he took my suitcase from me stating that I was not allowed to carry it. This was the start of something beautiful and i was enjoying every second of it
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