Nobody Knows..

Where's the girl? The girl who rode on the red horse? The girl has disappeared and left the field, among all the horses. They have trampled her down, and she can do nothing about it. That day she resurrected (which is the day of this Movella!), She will destroy the earth, and she will bomb anyone who comes too close to her in her search for her red horse. No one knows why she wants it. She just wants revenge.. (THIS IS MY FIRST ENGLISH MOVELLA, AND I'M NOT FROM ENGLAND!!!)


2. Oh god..

She went out of his grave.

She want revenge, and it its now.

Her eyes was icy, and very red.

She sat up on his red horse she had bought before the horses has trampled he down and therebly killed her.

She laughed ice cold, and ride out of the field.

Now she would have revenge..

The end.


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