A great surprise

Hi this is my first fanficton so i hope you like it. Its about three best friend, Kathryn, Megan and Alyce .Kathryn and Megan after going to a one direction consert get a knock at the door, at 2 in the morning. Who is this person and what do they want? Could this person change there life forever?


2. The knock at the door

Megs POV:

I woke to the sound of knocking at the door. I looked at my phone and it said it was only 2:00am. I got up and went to the door. Before i opened it i was nervus to who it could be at this time in the morning. For all i knew it could be a robber or a murder!!!!!. They kept knocking and knocking.

"Hi could you please open the door, its freezing outside." came a voice from the other side.

I reconised that voice but i couldnt put my finger on who it was. They sounded like they needed help so i decided to open the door.

"Hi sorry but my car has broken down and my phone has no charge could i use yours please."  the boy said

I couldnt see his face because he had a hoddie on and the hood up.

"Yeah sure, come in." i said

I closed the door and turned around to face the boy, he pulled his hood down to revial the most beautiful green eyes and curly hair. I was daydreaming just like i did thinking about Har..... HARRY STYLES. OMG HARRY STYLES. Did i just say that out loud.

"Yeah thats me the one and only harry styles." he said, in his cute voice.

"Sorry i didnt mean to say that out loud, i was just shocked to see you."

I went to get the phone and gave it to harry, i think he called the boys. I still couldnt believe that he was here, things like this never happened to me, but i had to be cool.

"So is someone coming."

"Yeah the boys are coming to get me, they were just on there way to the hotel. Thanks for  letting me use your phone" harry said giving me my phone back

"Thats alright, would you like a hot chocolate." i asked

"Yeah  that would be nice."

So i went to the kitchen and started to make the hot chocolates. I looked outside and saw that it was snowing. Once i had finnished making the hot chocolate i went and gave it to harry.

 "Have you seen that its snowing outside." i said

"Yeah its quite bad i hope the boys can get here." harry said

Just then a car pulled up on the driveway. And by now the snow was falling more heavily. I opened the door and let the boys in.

" Thanks, its freezing out there." niall said in his cute irish accent

"Would you all like a hot chocolate."  i asked as they made there was to join harry in the living room.

"Yeah please." zayn replyed

"Do you need some help." liam asked

"no its alright." 

I went to make the hot chocolates and while i was making them i realised that Kathryn was still asleep. I didnt want to leave her asleep missing out on meeting the boys. I went and gave them all there hot chocolates and was about to go and wake kathryn.

"It says all the roads are closed from the snow and there is going to be a blizzared." louis said reading his phone for the news

"It looks like you will be staying hear." i said  taking a slip of my hot chocolate " I will go make up the beds in the spare room." i said getting up from the chair.

I went to make the  beds while the boys chatted down stairs. While i was makeing up the beds i was thinking about all thats happend . This morning i would never of imagined this happening. I called the boys up and they fell fast asleep. I went to bed and layed there thinking about all thats happened.Kathryn was still asleep  so  i dicided to leave her like that  and leave it till tomorrow when she will have the surprise of her life.

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