Bite Me♥

Skye Hart has a secret, something that wasn't hers to tell. Her mother was a vampire, her father too. When they're killed by humans in an attack, Skye is left to fend for herself. When she's spotted by other out-casts, will she finally have found a home? Or will it be her funeral?


1. Watch & Learn

"Stay here, baby. Don't move! We'll be right back. I love you." Mummy hugged me, her black hair brushing across my face as she hugged me. "Be strong." she whispered. I looked into her eyes, blue like the sky. Like my name. "Fight. They will come for you, Skye. And when they do, you have to fight." Fight, I told myself. Fight.  Mummy put me down, kissing my hair. She didn't say anything as she darted off, a blur infront of me for a few brief seconds. I began to cry as I heard mummy scream, her voice crying out for mercy. But they showed none. That was how it was, and always would be. No mercy, blood, death. When they came for me, I would be ready.



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