the first time i rode you

this book is about the first time i rode sparkle


1. when i was told

i walked into the tack room , the girl who was there told me that i was on sparkle . i think i jumped up and down and shouted yes ,yes,yes .so then i went to get my stuff ready for riding .i then went out to get sparkle

he was so handsome i loved him the moment i saw him he was strawberryroan ,he was cliped ,he had a blue nummnah .when i went to get him out he snorted at me but i said it was allright . 

so we went into the indoor arena to mount ,so i was mounted first there was 4 other horses in my lesson ,  bowie ,tarra ,bob and chance . so we started of i was in the lead with sparkle . my instroctor asked me to halt , she said to go from trot to canter ,so i did sparkle did a great canter .

when it came to jumping sparkle loved to jump , it was so fun being on him , so we dismounted . i took sparkle back to her stable .

                                                     THE END

                                                        MONICA CONLON

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