A Girl Can Dream

Emily is a really average girl who is in love with the world famous boy band 'One Direction', like all teenage girls of her age. She had a special soft corner for Liam since the very first time she heard of them. What happens when her dream of meeting the boys come true? Will any of them fall for her? Can she love them enough to leave them? Will it be a perfect dream? Read to find out :)

Author's Note: I know the synopsis is short and doesn't tell much, but trust me the story is really good. The story is a bit long. Hope you will enjoy.


5. You've got that one thing

Zayn's P.O.V. ~

Heading towards the tour bus and after freshening up a bit we sat in a circle eating pizza.

Emily is really cool with us. She don't seem to be bothered by the fact that we are members of a famous boy band. And that we really like. For once we seem to be away from our crazy fame and are behaving like normal guys chatting up with friends.

She is interested in the real us. And though we have met a few hours ago, we have really become attached to her.  She is independent and make her own decisions and we soon realized that she is not a girl who gets controlled by others. She decides for herself. But also she seems to be the girl who cares very much for the people she loves. She trusts people easily. Behind her strong facade there is a girl who is really young, vulnerable and probably have been hurt too many times in life. We all seem to be able to guess there is much more in her past than she was letting us know.

Something about her personality; her in-dependency  her stupidity, her ability to understand us, her awkwardness yet the integrity and genuineness is attracting us towards us. Her face never hides her emotions and for the first time I realized why Liam fell for this girl. It is not her looks or personality but her deep dark eyes which never fails to show love and affection. By looking at her eyes we can read her mind and tell that she cares for us and maybe a little too much?

She is probably afraid to fall in love because she always avoided discussions of her love life and never once talked about things like that. 

She is fun and so much like Niall, cute, sweet and fun-loving with a great love for food. They almost behaved like brother and sister. Harry's flirting and Louis's childish jokes made us laugh. The occasional glances she stole with Liam, and the way she blushed whenever their eyes would meet told us that she would be in our lives and she is not just a fan anymore, our friend too and maybe for Liam a little more.

"She's not afraid of all the attention

Sh's not afraid of running wild

How come she's so afraid of falling in love?"

- She's not afraid ( One Direction)


We talked about our favourite movies, our weaknesses, our embarrassing moments, our school days and a lot more stupid things. Her carefree laughter, the twinkle in her eyes brought smiles in my lips. Suddenly I didn't want this night to end. We all could sense the attraction which was almost like a magnet pulling us together. It was almost like we six fit in our lives together as puzzle pieces, the sixth piece was missing till now and now that she is here we are complete. I know it sounds cliche but the bond we developed in these few hours is really strong. I don't know how time went away but we talked all night. Never we got bored. We talked nonsense most of the time, acted like kids but somehow it all made sense.

We never realized when we drifted off to sleep.


Author's note:I know the chapter is short but I hope you like it. Plzzz comment what you think about this story. I really would appreciate your views. And btw would you guys check out the other story I'm writing. But make sure to read the blurb beforehand because you may not like the theme. I'll be waiting for your comments, 'expert advice's'. Ha ha. Have fun. Goodnight(or whatever the time is in your region)

Love you all xoxoxo -Rai

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