A Girl Can Dream

Emily is a really average girl who is in love with the world famous boy band 'One Direction', like all teenage girls of her age. She had a special soft corner for Liam since the very first time she heard of them. What happens when her dream of meeting the boys come true? Will any of them fall for her? Can she love them enough to leave them? Will it be a perfect dream? Read to find out :)

Author's Note: I know the synopsis is short and doesn't tell much, but trust me the story is really good. The story is a bit long. Hope you will enjoy.


6. We have been friends for the night

Emily's P.O.V.~

Slowly I opened my eyes, finding myself on a soft carpet. Suddenly I remembered last night and for a moment I thought it was just a dream. I quickly turned my head to find Zayn and Niall curled up on the couch fast asleep. I looked to my side finding Louis and Harry on the carpet in a half sitting position with Louis's face resting on the crook of Harry's neck. They looked so adorable sleeping like that, I couldn't help a smile. 

Then ultimately my eyes fell upon that brown haired boy with slight curls, sticking around his face, as his puppy dog eyes were closed and a pleasant smile on his lips like he was dreaming about good things. I couldn't believe that this is real, I am really in the same room, more likely part of their tour bus, with five boys who literally stole my heart from that first day. I thought that it wouldn't be bad if I die a moment later. Everything is so perfect. I don't know why I have always had a crush on Liam but seeing him sleep today, so vulnerable, so young I saw a other part of him which needed protection and love. I don't know how long I had been staring at him, but I suddenly found myself staring at those chocolate brown eyes and immediately I felt my cheeks get hotter. Quickly I looked away and found Niall getting up also. 

'Good morning Em, thanks for staying', Niall said in a sleepy voice. Zayn and Louis also got up and Niall began pulling Harry's curl and Harry jumping up all shocked was indeed a hilarious sight.

Ultimately after sometime I decided to go home. 

'Em, we would be on our way to home too, so why don't we drop you off at your place?' Harry asked. 

I told them the direction to my apartment.

After reaching there we exchanged numbers and suddenly I felt that we had been friends all along and I have a feeling that I'll be seeing them again soon.

'We have been friends,

Now for a while'

- Last First Kiss ( One Direction)




Sorry for the shitty chapter, not in the mood of writing with all these Mr X drama going. This is just a filler.

-Rai xoxoxo

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