A Girl Can Dream

Emily is a really average girl who is in love with the world famous boy band 'One Direction', like all teenage girls of her age. She had a special soft corner for Liam since the very first time she heard of them. What happens when her dream of meeting the boys come true? Will any of them fall for her? Can she love them enough to leave them? Will it be a perfect dream? Read to find out :)

Author's Note: I know the synopsis is short and doesn't tell much, but trust me the story is really good. The story is a bit long. Hope you will enjoy.


4. Match Fixing

Harry's P.O.V.~

The whole signing time Liam had been staring constantly at that cute girl. Its so not Liam, generally he pays attention to all of our fans, but today he didn't even bothered to sign for some of them. We all could sense that something's up with him and either he knows the girl or he just is having a crush.

But we know that being the good guy he is he won't even make a move towards her. So I know we have to work on behalf of him. Just as the signing was complete, I pulled Louis aside and asked him if he had seen Liam. Niall was nearby and he too agreed with Louis that Liam has surely fallen for the girl. I knew we have to act quickly or Liam is just not going to have a chance with the girl. I saw her moving towards the door, but there where so many fans in the room that we would surely get mobbed if we try to stop her. 

Arghhh, THINK Harry think....I was telling myself, when I heard Niall whispering to Paul to ask the security to stop her.

By then Liam was looking at us and Zayn was trying hard to suppress a chuckle and we were trying to look all innocent.

Liam was telling us that he is not going to speak to her, and I volunteered that I would. A look of jealousy quickly passed his eyes and as our eyes widened questioningly a blush started to creep in to his cheeks and we all knew that our Liam James Payne has fallen for this girl real HARD.

By then the room was almost empty and I saw that the girl has been successfully stopped by the security. She was looking really confused. I walked towards her. She obviously did not see me as she was too much engrossed in her conversation with the security guard, desperately trying to make him understand something. I don't know what Paul have told the guard, I hope it is not serious.

I trying to get her attention asked her,'Hey, is there a problem here?'

It was then that she turned to look at me with those big black eyes and MAN! she is beautiful! I saw the guard walk away and I was sure that Paul had given his instructions real well. She was staring at me as if she couldn't believe it was really me. When she realized I was staring at her as well she blushed crimson red and looked down and stuttered,'Mm...Actually... The guard.....'

"But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,

You don't know,

Oh oh,

You don't know you're beautiful"

- What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

God she looked really cute blushing like that. I cut her off because I knew I couldn't give a reasonable solution to the guard's query as it was totally fake and I would in turn embarrass myself which was the last thing I wanted now.

I could hear the voice of the other boys, so I knew they were joining me.

I decided to introduce ourselves formally and she was blushing really hard while that she is Emily Brown and she works in "Teen Magazine" and she is from Yorkshire but is currently living in London.

I saw Niall poking Liam's arm to say something but obviously he was too lost in her to make an effort.

So I asked the boys if it was OK if I invited Emily to our tour bus and all the boys enthusiastically agreed.

She seemed a bit taken aback by our sudden invitation but trust Louis to solve any hesitation as he almost dragged her by her arms towards our tour bus, eyeing Liam cheekily.

I saw Liam's face lighting up instantly.


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