A Girl Can Dream

Emily is a really average girl who is in love with the world famous boy band 'One Direction', like all teenage girls of her age. She had a special soft corner for Liam since the very first time she heard of them. What happens when her dream of meeting the boys come true? Will any of them fall for her? Can she love them enough to leave them? Will it be a perfect dream? Read to find out :)

Author's Note: I know the synopsis is short and doesn't tell much, but trust me the story is really good. The story is a bit long. Hope you will enjoy.


3. Can love happen at first sight?


Liam's P.O.V.~

Today our performance has been great. Our energy level was really rocking through the entire show and I could feel the excitement of the boys. Our fans were almost screaming our heads off, but we enjoyed every bit of it. Now we are backstage meeting fans and signing C.D.s and stuffs. After all these excitement I really wish we could just head off to the tour bus. Sometimes too much fame can be tiring. Of-course I love these, we all do, this is what we have dreamt of. I often feel after all these craziness are we ever going to get a real simple girl, an everyday girl, no celebrity, no popular face, just a girl who will love me for myself- for who i am. I wish we could be as lucky as Harry and Loius. Each time i see them, I actually start believing that the world can get better by their love.

Zayn tugged on my shirt, and said,'Wake up Man, who are you dreaming about? Who's the lucky girl?'

GOD! Typically them. The BOYS- yeah now like a real family to me, my best friends- Harry, Loius, Zayn and Niall. They love to joke around and pull my legs. I don't know what I would do without them. I love them with all my heart and I will do anything to keep them happy and safe. Suddenly while continuing signing my eyes fell upon a girl just entering through the door. My eyes fell upon her and something happened like the entire world stopped revolving round me for a second.

  "Under the lights tonight

You turned around, and you stole my heart

With just one look, when I saw your face

I fell in love"

-Stole My Heart (One direction)

I saw her advancing towards us hesitantly and she is shy perhaps. All the while she is just refusing to look upon us directly. I felt that something is different in her, she is not like the other girls in the room.   I couldn't move my eyes from her......................

I felt my heart race and my palms got sweaty. It is a wierd thing for me because I generally don't lose my calm with fans, but she is making me nervous.

Not that she is the prettiest and I haven't seen a more beautiful girl than her. Believe me, I have. She was simple but very cute. Her baby pink dress and green jacket highlighting her olive skin tone. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun with loose strands falling over her shoulder. She looked so cute and young, vulnerable, standing there.............

She came to our table and was letting Niall sign her C.D. I was ignoring the other fans shamelessly while staring at her. Suddenly she looked at me and caught me staring at her. Red colour flooded her pink cheeks and i quickly started observing my shoes as if they were the most important thing on earth. She put forward the album cover towards me to sign. I was flustered but I managed to sign. I was almost afraid that the whole room will hear my heart beating hard. I guessed the boys could feel somethings up though, because they were looking at me quite incredulously. Muttering a small thank you and with a smile which showed her dimples she walked away................

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