vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


4. Vampires we live with


Vampires we live with Hello I am Stacey. This is my profile.      Name: Stacey Amber Verbatim  Age: 129  Parents: Amber Verbatim (MUM, vampire) and Scott Verbatim (Dad, vampire)  Siblings: Annabeth Verbatim (Younger sister, vampire, 116)  Friends: Amelia, April, Lucy, Luna, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn  Best Friends: Mary  Boyfriend: Steven Salvatore  What i look like: Everything in the photo, I am 5'11  Personality: Sweet, calm, friendly and well mannered  What I can do: Dance  Power: Heal    Favourites  Colour: Gold  Food: Pancakes  Drink: Soda  Music: Rock  Bands: Queen  Singers: None    Likes: Singing, dancing, listening to music and having fun  Dislikes: Mean people  Scared of: The fallen    Status: I am a pure blood vampire. I've served under the Heart's since I was 6, they are really nice. There not like all king and queens. They left you have days off. Have fun. They treat me like family. I am like the mother of the house hold. I love it  

    Hello I am Mary. This is my profile:     Name: Mary Margret League Age: 127 Parents: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Friends:  Amelia, April, Lucy, Luna, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn  Best Friends: Stacey What i look like: Everything in the photo. I am 5'8 Personality: Sweet, nice and friendly What I can do: Sing Power: Heal   Favourites Colour: Blue Food: Lollipops Drink: Soda Music: Pop Bands: Take That Singers: None   Likes: having fun, dancing, singing, listening to music, helping people, being cheek, eating lollipops Dislikes: people putting me down and farting Scared of: The fallen and vampire hunters     Status: My family is unknown. But all I remember is having blood on my hands when I was 5. I got taken somewhere. I was raised by vampires. They knew I was a vampire by my sent. I made some friends. I met this princess named Amelia she was really nice. It's been my duty to protect her ever since I was little. I love looking after her.

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