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the is not my story


15. New good vampire


New good vampire Hello I am Steven. This is my profile.        Name: Steven Stefan Salvatore   Age: 128  Parents: Damon Salvatore (Father, bad vampire, 300)  Siblings: Dennis Salvatore  Friends: Amelia, Lucy, Luna, April, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn  Best Friends: Mary and Elena  Girlfriend: Stacey (Dead)  What I look like: Everything in the picture, I am 5'10  Personality: Nice, sweet, calm, friendly and well mannered  What I can do: Kick evil vampires buts  Power: Making humans tell the truth and seeing into vampires minds    Favourites  Colour: Blue  Food: Popcorn  Drink: Juice  Music: Old styles  Bands: None  Singers: Elvis Presley    Likes: fight evil vampires, hanging out with friends and listening to music  Dislikes: My father and brother and Vampire hunters  Scared of: Vampire hunters    A little bit about me: I am a good vampire. My father and brother are the bad ones. My mum was a good vampire she got killed 100 years ago by vampire hunters. I didn't like killing humans so I decided to become a good one. I thought everyone deserves to live. Even Vampire hunters. I really want to kill them after they killed my girlfriend.
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