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the is not my story


23. New characters


New characters Hello I am Elena. This is my profile.      Name: Elena Ella Gilbert  Age: 119  Parents: Dead  Siblings: Dead  Friends: Amelia and Harry  Best Friends: Steven, Brooke, Cassie and Mary  What I look like:  Everything in the photo, I am 5'8  Personality: Sweet, calm, warm hearted, friendly, good-hearted and cheeky  What I am good at: Singing Power: Ice    Favourites  Colour: Blue  Food: Pancakes  Drink: juice  Music: Pop  Bands: Take that, The wanted and One Direction  Singers: Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd    Likes: Hanging out with friends, listening to music, singing and helping out friends  Dislikes: Cars, evil vampires and vampire hunters  Scared of: Dennis    A little bit about me: My parents were vampires, they got killed by Dennis when I was about 102. I've hated him ever since. I am also scared of him. Steven told me not to be. But I am.   Hello I am Brooke this is my profile.     Name: Brooke Bonnie Bennett Age: 118 1/2 Parents: Bonnie (Mum, vampire, 230) Siblings: Matthew (Older brother, 123, vampire) Friends: Steven Best Friends: Elena and Cassie What I look like: Everything in the photo, I am 5'8 Personality: Sweet, calm, nice, outgoing, well mannered and friendly What I am good at: Singing Power: Hypnotism    Favourites Colour: Green Food: Pizza Drink: Cola Music: Pop Bands: The wanted Singers: Ed Sheeran   Likes: Singing, listening to music, hanging out with friends and having a fun day Dislikes: Vampire hunters Scared of: The fallen   A little bit about me: My dad got killed by a vampire hunter when I was 5 years old. Ever since then I've become protected of my friends. I don't want them to get hurt   Hello I am Cassie. This is my profile.     Name: Cassie Caroline Forbes Age: 118 Parents: Caroline Forbes (Mum, vampire, 220) Siblings: None Friends: Steven and Maxwell Best Friends: Elena and Brooke Boyfriend: Max  What I look like: Everything in the photo, I am 5'8 Personality: Sweet, nice, can be a bitch and friendly What I am good at: Singing and dancing Power: Killing evil vampires by looking at them   Favourites Colour: Pink Food: Marshmallow Drink: Lemonade Music: Pop Bands: One Direction Singers: Ed Sheeran   Likes: Shopping, singing and listening to music Dislikes: Vampire hunters, the fallen and bad music Scared of: Death   A little bit about me: I am half blood because me dad was a human. He died at the age of 82. He never knew my mum was a vampire. It's really cool being a vampire because I get to have fun with my life.
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