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13. Chapter 9- Fight


Chapter 9- Fight We grabbed our bags and walked out. We were walking when. Andy, Sophie, Amy and Alex showed up. We put our bags down.    "You came at a wrong time" Liam said.   "No we didn't" Andy said.    Harry walked in front of me. I smiled.   "Harry what are you doing?" Niall asked.    "Protecting her" Harry said.   "I see you survived Amelia" Alex said.    "Yeah" I said.      Harry's P.O.V   My teeth came down.    "We are scared" Alex said sarcastically.    "Leave her alone" I snapped.    "Well you two are already picked" Amy said.    "Picked for what?" Amelia asked.    "The war, only the strongest can be in the war against us" Amy said.    My teeth were still down.    "We will always be together" I snapped.    "We'll see" Andy said.    Amelia was getting mad. I could sense it.    "Amelia calm down" I said.    "No" Amelia said.    Her teeth were showing. Liam and Niall were fight Alex and Sophie while Lucy, Luna and April were helping me protect Amelia. Amelia walked out towards Andy.    "Amelia" I said.    She turned to face me.    "I'm doing this" Amelia said.    Amelia faced Andy. Andy smiled.    "Your on" Andy said.      Amelia's P.O.V    Andy and I started fighting. I didn't want Harry involved in this. I could feel it coming true. My nightmare. Stacey ran up. Andy ran off and started to fight Stacey. Stacey and Andy were fighting. Maybe it was her. Harry walked up to me.    "Are you alright?" Harry asked.    I nodded. My vampire teeth disappeared. So did Harry's. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry smiled. I could feel his tongue. I smiled as I accepted it. Harry put his hands around my waist. He pulled me closer. I could feel Harry smiling.    "Make out session" April said.    Harry and I pulled back. Harry smiled and moved his hands. I turned. Andy and Stacey had gone somewhere.    "No" I said.    "What?" Harry said.    "It's coming true" I said.    "What?" Harry asked.    "My nightmare" I said.    I grabbed Harry's hand. We started running to fine them. We could hear Stacey and Andy. We kept running. We saw them fighting. It was the part in my nightmare. I saw Stacey get stabbed.    "No" I yelled.    Andy smiled. He ran off. Harry and I ran up to Stacey.    "Stacey" I said.    Harry grabbed Stacey's hand. Stacey turned. She looked at me.    "Please don't go" I said.    Stacey laughed.    "Look at you, your crying over me, I'm nothing special" Stacey said.    "Yes you are Stacey, you are like my mother, same with Harry we love you like family, please" I cried.    "I saw the war in your mind, it was only you and Harry and also something else" Stacey chocked.    "What else did you see?" I asked.    Stacey smiled and closed her eyes. Her hand dropped from Harry.    "Stacey" I cried.    Harry pulled me into his chest. I cried. He rubbed my back.    "I'm sorry" Harry said.    The others ran up and saw Stacey.    "Oh Stacey" Luna saw.    They all sat down near her. Lucy called Mary to tell her. Lucy hung up.    "Mary will be here soon" Lucy said.    Everyone nodded. Harry kissed the top of my head. Mary, Louis and Zayn came down. They saw us. I pulled back from Harry.    "Stacey" Mary said.    We all stood up. Mary picked Stacey up. We walked back to the van. 
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