vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


12. Chapter 8- Science class.... Our weakness


Chapter 8- Science class.... Our weakness We got to our spot. We sat down. We grabbed out our food and started to eat. Harry went through me bag.    "What are you doing?" I asked.    "Can I have some" Harry asked.    "Go ahead" I said.    Harry had some blood.    "Didn't you have yours this morning?" I asked.    "I forgot" Harry said.    He put the bottle back in my bag. I laughed. Harry closed my bag. We finished eating. Harry pecked my lips. I smiled. The bell rang for science. Great. We grabbed our bags and walked off to science. We got there. We walked in and took our seats. Everyone else followed including the teacher.    "Today we are looking at the steam of this plant" The teacher said.    We looked at the teacher.    "It's called Vampireweedus" the teacher said.    "Uh oh" Liam said.    "Yeah" Niall said.    I started coughing.    "Amelia" Luna said.    I grabbed my bottle out. I drank some blood. I placed the bottle back in my bag.    "Alright everyone grab a patner" The teacher said.    It was Harry and I, Lucy and Luna, Niall and Liam, April and Joey. The teacher gave everyone a piece of it. She also gave us a lighter, water and a knife. We had to be careful with this. We put safety glasses on. Harry grabbed the lighter. We both stepped back. It was a big step. Harry lit up the Vampireweedus.    "Whoa" I said.    We saw steam.    "This is bad" Lucy said.    Liam, Niall, April, Lucy, Luna, Harry and I started coughing.    "Out" Luna said.    We tried getting out. We couldn't make it to the door. I put water over it. We were still coughing. I grabbed my bottle out. We walked out. I shared it around.    "Why are you sharing with us?" Luna asked.    "We have to, if not you know what happens" I said.    We all drank the blood.    "Can we got back in?" Lucy asked.    "I don't know" I said.    Dennis and Stanley showed up. We walked back into class. The smell was gone. I put the bottle back in my bag. Dennis and Stanley. Harry and I smiled. We put gloves on. We chucked the Vampireweedus at them. They started to steam up. There vampire teeth showed. They screamed.    "Amelia soon the war will begin" Stanley said.    I looked at them. They ran out. We took the gloves off.    "Nice" Niall said.    "Not for long" I said.    "Amelia what did he mean?" Harry asked.    "I don't know" I said.    We walked back to our tables. The teacher looked at us.    "They must have been allergic to it" The teacher said.    We had to write everything down. The bell went for next lesson. Frees.
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