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the is not my story


11. Chapter 7- History class.... Learning about my parents


Chapter 7- History class.... Learning about my parents We were walking to History. Since we had that. Harry was holding my hand. We got there and walked in. We sat down on our seats.    "You've got to stop pushing yourself" Luna said.    "I know" I said.    Britney walked in. She sat down. Her friends followed. Then the other students walked in. Harry rubbed my back. I smiled.    "You alright?" Harry asked.    "Yeah" I said.    The teacher walked in. Harry stopped rubbing my back.    "Alright class today we are learning about the king and queen of vampires" The teacher said.    I grabbed my books out. The teacher handed us a history book each.    "Turn to page 235" The teacher said.    We did. 5 pages of my parents. I read though the pages.    "There all wrong" I whispered.    "Yeah we know" Liam whispered.    We laughed. I put my hand up.    "Yes" The teacher said.    "Um... The king and queen are not bad vampires their good ones" I said.    "How do you know?" Britney snapped.    "I have a real book that they wrote at home" I said.    Harry smiled. We all started reading though the pages. I looked at a guy.    "It's him" I said.    "Hmm..." Harry said.    I pointed to a picture.    "Who's that?" Harry asked.    "The guy that's after me, he's the leader of the fallen" I whispered.    "Isn't his name like Richard or something like that" Liam said.    "His name is Richard, he's the bad one, he turned Donna into a vampire" I said.    "What?" Luna yelled.    Everyone looked at us.    "He's the reason half the people are vampires" I said.    "Oh" Luna said.    "How do you know so much?" Lola asked.    "It's called reading, you should try it some time" I said.    Niall and Lucy laughed. After a long boring lesson. The bell rang for recess. We grabbed our bags and books. We walked out.  
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