vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


10. Chapter 6- School again


Chapter 6- School again The next day. I woke up. I slowly sat up. I got up. I closed my bedroom door. I grabbed my school clothes out. Yes back to school. I got changed. I brushed my hair. After I brushed my hair. I grabbed my school bag and walked down stairs. Harry smiled. I smiled. I put my bottle in my bag along with some recess and lunch. I closed my bag.    "Come on" Stacey said.    We walked out to the van. We got there and got in. Stacey got into the drivers seat and drove off. Stacey got to our school. We all stepped out. Stacey waved. We waved back. Stacey reversed and drove off. We walked off to our friends. They ran to me and hugged me as they saw me. I smiled. They pulled back. The bitches walked up; I'm really not in the mood for their bullshit. Harry put his hands around my waist. I smiled.      "Look at that" Britney said.    She looked at me.    "Wow Amelia you look horrible did you start taking drugs?" Britney laughed.    I got mad.    "Calm down" Harry said.    I nodded and calmed down. Liam smiled.    "We heard you too so many drugs yesterday that you fainted" Steph laughed.    Harry got mad at the comment.    "Calm down" I said.    Harry laughed and calmed down.    "You'd better leave" Liam said.    "Why?" Lola asked.    "You don't want to mess with us" Niall said.    "You guys are week, Amelia's the weakest" Hannah said.    "We can win against you in a fight" April said.    I started coughing.    "Amelia" Liam said.    "I'm alright" I said.    Lucy grabbed my bottle out of my bag and handed it to me. I looked at her.    "Drink it" Lucy said.    I rolled my eyes. I drank the blood. I put my bottle back in my bag.    "Better?" Lucy asked.    "A little" I said.    The bell rang for lesson.
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