vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


9. Chapter 5- They know


Chapter 5- They know   “Were home” Stacey yelled.   Amelia started to wake up. I smiled. Amelia opened her eyes. Mary smiled.   “Feeling better?” Mary asked.   Amelia nodded. Mary grabbed the cup and walked out. I hugged Amelia.   “I thought you were gone” I said.   “You can never lose me” Amelia said.   I kept hugging Amelia.   “I love you” I whispered.   “I love you too” Amelia whispered back.    We pulled back. Amelia smiled. I crashed my lips onto hers. I smiled. Her mouth tasted like blood. I didn’t care. Amelia smiled. Everyone walked in. The boys whistled. Amelia and I pulled back.   “So you to going out?” April asked.   “You could say that” I said.   Amelia laughed.   “Do not tell my parents” Amelia said.   “We won’t” Stacey smiled.   I smiled.        Amelia’s P.O.V   We all made out way down stairs. We got into the adult lounge. Harry and I were talking. Harry laughed. I smiled.    “How was school?” I asked.   “Boring, Liam almost beat the shit out of Britney today” Lucy said.   “Dam” I said.   Liam laughed.    “Amelia” Mary said.   “Yeah” I said.   “You are taking some blood to school tomorrow” Mary said.   I nodded.   “Why?” Liam asked.   “Don’t worry” I said. Harry kissed my cheek. I smiled. It became late. Mary and Stacey served out dinner. We walked into the dining room. We sat down and started to eat. After we finished dinner. Mary served dessert we had strawberry cheese cake. It was really nice. After we finished our desserts it was 10:30pm. We walked off to our rooms and got changed to bed. We all fell asleep.
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