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47. Chapter 40- The Wedding Part 1


Chapter 40- The Wedding Part 1   9 months past. It was the day I was going to marry Harry. The girls, Elena, Darcy and I stayed in a fancy hotel. I woke up. Luna, Lucy and April ran in.    “Morning” Lucy yelled.   “Morning” I said.   I sat up. I looked at the wedding dress. I stood up.    “Out” I said.   The girls walked out. I got my dress down. I put it on.    This is my dress:white and light pink   “LUNA!” I yelled.   Luna walked in.    “Yeah” Luna asked.   “Can you do the backup please” I asked.   Luna nodded. Luna tied up the dress for me.   “Thanks” I said.   “No problem” Luna said.   Luna walked out. I put my high heels on.   These are my shoes:sliver      These are the bridesmaid dresses:pink and black       Lou came down. She was our hair and makeup stylist for the wedding.    My hair:really curly       The girls hair:curly       Lux walked up to Darcy’s cot. I smiled. Lou did out makeup and hair.   “You excited” Lou asked.   “Yeah and nervous” I said.   “Don’t be” Luna said.   “Funny” I said.   Lou finished. Lou and I walked up to Darcy’s cot. Lou helped me dress Darcy.    “Thank you” I said.   “No problem” Lou said. Darcy looked so beautiful. Lou then dressed Lux in her flower girl dress. She looked so cute.     This is Lux's flower girl dress:pink and white       Lux's shoes:white       This is Darcy's flower girl dress:      Darcy's shoes:
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